Aluminum Foil Tray For Turkey

aluminum tray for turkey
aluminum turkey tray
aluminum foil turkey
aluminum tray for turkey
Aluminum Foil tray product features: high temperature resistance, strong thermal insulation, non-stick bottom, food grade material
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Product Details

aluminum foil tray for turkey manufacturers

Product features

1. Baking function

Can be used in microwave oven, heat resistant and without fluorescent agent

2. Preservation function

Can be put into the refrigerator, the isolation of frozen food, frozen preservation of the four seasons available

3. Barbecue function

Strong thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, not easy to burn, beautiful color of the finished product

4. Anti-stick function

Waterproof and oil resistant, anti - stick, high temperature resistant, non - stick baking tray

aluminum tray for turkey

aluminum tray for turkey

Price: $0.133

aluminum turkey tray

aluminum turkey tray

Price: $0.138

aluminum foil turkey

aluminum foil turkey

Price: $0.267

aluminum tray for turkey

aluminum tray for turkey

Price: $0.476

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Product information

Product name: Fish plate tin foil plate

Material;Food grade aluminum foil

High temperature resistant: yes

Cover: no

Scope of use: family, restaurant, snack bar food packing, barbecue, picnic etc

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