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Aluminum Foil tray product features: high temperature resistance, strong thermal insulation, non-stick bottom, food grade material
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aluminum foil tray manufacturers

Aluminum foil lunch box is a disposable lunch box, in order to use safety and avoid the impact of extrusion deformation caused by multiple transportation of the product

Sales, once sold products are not returnable.

Please carefully check whether the size and specification of the product are appropriate before purchase.

Please understand! I wish you a happy shopping! Business is booming!

aluminum foil trays

JX 1-1(Price: $0.028)

Packing      1000pcs/ctn

Thickness    0.04mm(40um)

Weight        2.1g

Carton size  36*24*25cm

cube            0.008m3

aluminium foil tray sizes

JX 1-2(Price: $0.035)

Packing       1000pcs/ctn

Thickness    0.05mm(50um)

Weight        3.5g

Carton size  42*27*28cm

cube             0.032m3

aluminum foil tray manufacturers

JX 1-3(Price: $0.059)

Packing       1000pcs/ctn

Thickness    0.06mm(100um)

Weight       7.7g

Carton size  57*31.5*22cm

cube             0.063m3

Note: More is needed, please consult customer service

111*83*36 ( 130ml),130* 100*42 ( 230ml)

150*120*46 ( 410ml),171*137*43 (500ml )

173*133*36(400ml ), 178* 107* 38( 350ml)

190* 138*49 ( 650ml), 184*173*55 ( 1000ml)

196*126*53 ( 700ml),200*111* 55(650ml)

213* 143* 43(850ml),220*158* 54(1000ml)

229* 170* 46(1200ml),232*173*41(1100ml)

260*190* 63(1906ml),314* 215* 50(2350ml)

315* 205* 50(2200ml),322* 263* 38(2180ml)

323* 266* 64(3500ml),370* 270*70(5000ml)

Our goods are selling to USA, Canada, Korea, Germany, UK,Saudi Arabic, India, Libya, Japan, Algeria, Angola and etc.more than 30 countries and domestic market.

Based on our good quality of goods and service, we get widely recognition from customers and counterparts.

The quality is from focus and creation. We sincerely provide customers one-stop service by focusing

on the advance technology and creative development and pursuingxcellence and creating perfect as development purpose.

The quality creates life, and Jiangxin provide life more dreams and hope. The future Jiangxin will devote to build aluminium foil products carrier for setting as the catering industry pioneer.

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