Covid-19 Infection Control Full Length Face Shield

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Covid-19 infection control transparent clear plastic full length face shield

We pay attention to the design and details of each mask, and are committed to creating a more comfortable life experience for you!Our face shield direct splash protection is a plastic full face mask shield, which can also be used as the disposable face mask plastic shield.

Product Name

Covid-19 infection control transparent clear plastic full length face shield


Anti-fog PET Sponge+Elastic band






1000 PCS





Sample Time

3-5 days


Carton size:35*35*75cm



Terms Of Payment

T/T(30% deposit by T/T, balance 70% before shipment payment)

face shield

Understand the protection performance of protective face shield

Face masks can be used until they are damaged, contaminated with blood or body fluids, or discarded in accordance with local guidelines.In addition, the protective face shield should be stored in a clean environment, to prevent damage, dirty, dust, direct sunlight, high temperature and harmful chemical pollution, and so on, when storage is to avoid deformation of the protective face shield.

medical protective face shield

The protective mask is to protect people from the pollution of the air when working in a special environment, so we must regularly check the protective mask, protect the protective mask, in order to make the most of everything, play its real role.

If want to disinfect to protective face mask shield, ultraviolet ray is the best method, alcohol is wiped force is used, safety protective face shield cannot use microwave oven absolutely, because nose clip is metal, and it is to stick on gas mask, after the microwave oven basically cannot be used again, import efficient electrostatic filter material.Unique design and shape, with excellent nose clip and headband, to ensure a good face close.In the same effect, breathing resistance is small, wear more comfortable.

Protective face shield contains special activated carbon layer to remove organic vapor odor.And certified by NIOSH 42CFR84 R95.Used for the protection of very small amount of organic odor of particulate matter. The protective face mask shield is mainly used to protect the human body from organic vapor odor (foul odor) and particulate matter from invading the respiratory system in the process of breathing.Suitable for use in organic odor environment such as foundry, laboratory, agriculture, pesticide, petrochemical, printing, primer, cleaning and so on.For example, foundry, laboratory, agriculture, petrochemical, primer, cleaning and other industries.

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