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Disposable hairspray protective face mask plastic shield manufacturers

The protective Full Length Face Shield made by China Jiangxin is aimed at the prevention and infection control of covid-19 virus to protect our health.We are the direct manufacturer of disease element protective mask, the price is cheap, the output is guaranteed, there is high quality service, welcome everyone wholesale!

Product Name

Disposable hairspray protective face mask plastic shield manufacturers


Anti-fog PET Sponge+Elastic band






1000 PCS





Sample Time

3-5 days


Carton size:44.0*31.0*15.5cm



Terms Of Payment

T/T(30% deposit by T/T, balance 70% before shipment payment)

What is the function of the protective mask

Some people will be exposed to some harmful substances or harmful environment due to the particularity of work, so they will use professional protective masks, so, what is the role of protective masks?

face shield

What is the function of the protective mask

The protective mask is a kind of safety product specially used to protect the human body, because we will inevitably encounter harmful substances in real life and work and will inevitably work in a toxic environment.Professional concept is a protective mask is used to protect the eyes and face from dust, chemical substances, heat, gas, debris and other harmful substances in the face of the industrial protective mask, it is in the elastic head clip around the installation of a toothed knob, in the toothed knob installed on the large arc thin curved transparent cover.Large arc thin curved surface transparent cover with a toothed knob on the elastic head clip can be rotated on the top of the face or head.

protective face shield

Protective mask can be divided into electric welding mask, safety protective mask, medical protective mask, gas protective mask and radiation protective mask.According to the classification, we can know that the function of the protective mask is to prevent toxic gas, toxic dust, radioactive substances, viruses and other harmful substances on the human body.Specifically, there are the following points:

First of all, the mask can help us prevent some chemical solution from falling into the eyes of the workers, and the mask can also prevent some group debris from entering the eyes or damaging the face.

Secondly, it can protect the user from the radiation and heat dissipation problems in the working environment.

And it can help us to prevent some micro blog radiation problems.Welders also use a unique mask, which is processed using some thick, hard fiber, and is light and has very good electrical insulation.

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