Face Shield Nursing For Medical Use

face shield direct splash protection surgical nursing for medical use,made in china xiamen jiangxin manufacturers
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face shield direct splash protection surgical nursing for medical use

We pay attention to the design and details of each mask, and are committed to creating a more comfortable life experience for you!Our face shield direct splash protection is a plastic full face mask shield, which can also be used as the disposable face mask plastic shield.

Product Name

face shield direct splash protection surgical nursing for medical use


Anti-fog PET Sponge+Elastic band






1000 PCS





Sample Time

3-5 days


Carton size:35*35*75cm



Terms Of Payment

T/T(30% deposit by T/T, balance 70% before shipment payment)

face shield

What are the effects of goggles and protective face mask shield?

Face masks can be used until they are damaged, contaminated with blood or body fluids, or discarded in accordance with local guidelines.In addition, the protective face shield should be stored in a clean environment, to prevent damage, dirty, dust, direct sunlight, high temperature and harmful chemical pollution, and so on, when storage is to avoid deformation of the protective face shield.

Protective glasses and masks mainly protect the eyes and face from ultraviolet, infrared and microwave radiation and other electromagnetic waves, prevent dust, dust, metal and sand debris and chemical precipitation damage.Protective eyewear protective eyewear is usually made of flexible plastic and rubber with a wide frame that covers the user's eyes.Anti-solid debris protective glasses, mainly used to prevent metal or sandstone debris and other mechanical damage to the eye, the glasses and glasses frame should be strong structure, anti-strike, the frame is surrounded by a screen, its ventilation holes, protective lenses can be used tempered glass, gum adhesive glass or copper wire mesh.

medical protective face shield

Protective eyewear for chemical solutions, used mainly to protect the eyes from chemical damage caused by irritating or corrosive solutions.Can choose ordinary flat lens, the picture frame should cover, in case of solution retroactive.The protective glasses against radiation are used to protect the eyes from excessive ultraviolet rays.The lens is made of special glass which can reflect or absorb radiation, but can pass through certain visible light.

The lenses are coated with bright films of chromium, nickel, mercury or silver and metal to reflect radiation.Blue lenses absorb infrared rays, yellow-green lenses absorb both ultraviolet and infrared rays, and colorless lead lenses absorb x-rays and y rays.

Face shield

1.Regular face masks.To prevent the sputtering of solid chips and chemical solutions to the eyes and damage the face, use lightweight transparent plastic or polycarbonate and other plastic production, the two sides and the lower end of the mask, respectively to the ears and chin end to the neck extension, so that the mask can be more comprehensive cover the face, to increase the protection effect.

2.Plexiglass heat shield.Can prevent the effect of heat radiation on the head.Mainly used for steel processing, large furnace ash, glass melting, etc.

3.Metal mesh mask.Used to protect against heat and microwave radiation.

4.Welding mask.In addition to the dark green lens, the mask is made of a certain thickness of hard 184 paper fiber, light, heat protection, with good electrical insulation, can prevent welding produced by high heat, ultraviolet, infrared, visible light and smoke stimulation.

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