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Face mask with shield hospital eye protection manufacturers

We pay attention to the design and details of each mask, and are committed to creating a more comfortable life experience for you!Our face shield direct splash protection is a plastic full face mask shield, which can also be used as the disposable face mask plastic shield.

Product Name

Face mask with shield hospital eye protection manufacturers


Anti-fog PET Sponge+Elastic band






1000 PCS





Sample Time

3-5 days


Carton size:35*35*75cm



Terms Of Payment

T/T(30% deposit by T/T, balance 70% before shipment payment)

medical protective face shield

 Medical Isolation Mask

【Scope of use】Used in medical institutions for protection duringinspection and treatment,blocking body fluids, blood splashes or splashes.


protective face shield

【Model No.】a.JX001;

b.Basic parameters Basic   dimension: (240mm ± 3mm) × (420mm ± 3mm)

Thickness:   (0.30 ± 0.005mm)

【Main technical parameters】

a. The rubber band of the medical isolation mask should be   elastic and free from falling off when worn;

b. The breaking strength at the connection between the fixing device and the mask should not be less than 15 N;

c. The joint of medical isolation mask should be firm. The   horizontal plane is subjected to a tensile force of 12N,Withstand 10N   tensile force in vertical direction for 30s, they should not fall off.

【Instructions for use】

Avoid contact with sharp objects during use to avoid scratches and affect the protection effect. Keep it properly after use.

【Storage   conditions】Store in a room with relative   humidity ≤80%,temperature-10°C ≤ 40 °C, and no corrosive   gas and good ventilation. It shall not be directly exposed to the sun, and shall be placed away from the heat source, and shall not contact with paint,acid and alkali,etc. which are harmful to the product.


a.Storage under the specified conditions, 3years..

b.When cleaning the product, use a soft cloth moistened with alcohol or neutral detergent to wipe the surface dirt of the product   and use or store it after the surface is naturally dry. If necessary, it can be sterilized with redox gas. Can not be sterilized by high pressure and  high temperature.

c.Use should be in accordance with the relevant regulations, after use should be properly kept.

d.It is forbidden to use after being found broken and cracked.

【Date of Instructions】March 2020.


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