Goggles Medical To Prevent Infection

Our goggles can prevent a novel coronavirus infection, men, women and children kids can use, not only can protect your eyes, but also can prevent anti fog.Our goggles are China manufacturers direct production, cheap price, welcome wholesale!
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Prevent mouth spray coronavirus goggle protector wholesale

Product Description

Re-usable Protective Goggles
2.Ventilation button: PE
3.Lens: PC
Packing info:
1.Carton size: 53x38x44cm
2.QTY: 120 pcs/ctn
3.G.W.: 10kgs/ctn
1.Good seal with the skin of the face.
2.Flexible PVC frame to easily fit with all face contours with even pressure.
3.Enclose eyes and the surrounding areas.
4.Accommodate wearers with prescription glasses.
5.Clear plastic lens with fog and scratch resistant treatments.
6.Adjustable band to secure firmly so as not to become loose during clinical activity, indirect venting to avoid fogging.

Knowledge of goggles cleaning and maintenance

Ⅰ, placement methods if it is a temporary place goggles, please send glasses raised face up, if the convex lens is put down, will scratch the lens.

Ⅱ, wipe the lens method using a special lens cleaning cloth, attention must wipe the mirror side of the picture frame edge up in their hands, gently cleansing the lens.Avoid damage to the frame or lens caused by excessive force.

Ⅲ, dry lens when stained with dust or dirt clean easy to scratch the lenses, suggested after water with a paper towel blot moisture again with special glasses cloth to wipe dry.When the lens is very dirty, it is recommended to use a low concentration of neutral lotion, and then rinse dry with water.

goggles to prevent infection

Ⅳ, please use the glasses boxes, don't wear glasses, a cloth into the goggles glasses box, please.Please avoid contact with corrosive substances such as insect repellent, toilet cleaning products, cosmetics, hair gel and medicine, or it will cause deterioration, deterioration and discoloration of lenses and frames.

Ⅴ, goggles when the deformation of frame deformation will cause nose or ears burden, the lens is easy to loose.Suggest regular plastic surgery to the professional shop adjustment.Prohibition: do not use resin lens in the intense exercise by strong impact may be broken, easy to cause eye and facial injury, it is recommended not to use in the strenuous exercise.Please do not use the lens that oneself grind flower suggests to do not use the lens that has appeared scratch, spot, crack to wait for a circumstance, can cause to see things not clearly because of light dispersive color otherwise, cause eyesight to drop.

Ⅵ, please don't look straight into the sun, even if the lens is the difference between the color shade, and don't look straight into the sun or strong light, otherwise it will hurt the eyes.Please do not drive or operate until you are completely used to seeing with goggles. Due to the prism of the lens, it is difficult to grasp the distance between the newly purchased goggles. Do not drive or operate until you are completely used to it.Please do not place the lens under high temperature (above 60℃) for a long time, which may easily lead to lens deformation or crack of the film on the surface. Please do not place it in the front window of the cab or other places with direct sunlight or high temperature.

Dry wet Ⅶ, if the lens please

If left to dry naturally, the scale becomes a stain that is hard to clean and can't be seen clearly.When the lens is attached with sweat, juice, spray (glue), cosmetics, etc., please immediately wash and dry with water.Not timely treatment will cause the film.Wear bifocals, when going up and down stairs, must lower the head, use lens upper part, when wearing lens initially, please use in the indoor first, after getting used to wear to the outdoor.Wear progressive multi-focus lens, try not to use the lens edge to see things, because there is a distorted sense of ambiguity, see close with the lens below, adaptation method is also indoor after outdoor.

goggles eye protection

Ⅷ, metal frame should avoid exposure to chemicals, prevent the coating fall off color.

1. Apply a special lens swab to wipe the lens.

2. When the lens is wet or soaked by sweat, please wipe it immediately in one direction with the lens swab cloth;

3. Do not place the goggles in the humid environment and in direct sunlight to avoid damaging the lens;

4. Pick the mirror with both hands and put it gently. When it is placed, the lens should be up.

5. If the frame is not tight or screws are loose, it should be adjusted in time.

6, coating lens high definition, can not contact with organic solvents, oil, sweat acid, high temperature and chemicals and hard things, otherwise easy to damage the lens film layer, affecting clarity and beautiful.

7. After using the glasses every day, please rinse them with clean water and wipe them clean with a special lens swab to extend the life of the goggles

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