are face shields as effective as masks

- Jun 04, 2020-

1. Different functions Medical isolation face shield masks have certain protective effects, but they are mainly used to prevent the splashing of body fluids and blood. However, medical surgical masks are used to prevent viruses and bacteria, and can also be used to prevent the spread of influenza and respiratory diseases.

medical isolation face shield

2. Wearing different medical isolation face shield masks completely covers the face, while the main shielding parts of medical isolation face shield masks are the mouth and nose.

medical isolation face shield

3. the material is not the same as the medical surgical masks on market, there are three main parts, the outer for dust water-blocking effect, can prevent droplets into the mask, its material is non-woven fabrics, mainly middle filter function, prevent small particles, for superfine melt-blown polypropylene fibre material layer, and the inner for close skin of non-woven fabrics.

There are two kinds of medical isolation face shield masks, one is plastic baffle mask, the other is made of polymer material protective cover, foam strip and fixed device.

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Can the medical mask be washed? 


Medical isolation face shield masks do not recommend cleaning, because medical quarantine inspection treatment mask is mainly used in medical institutions, the play a protective role, is a one-time items, use it again after wear, not only can not play a protective effect, still can make outside bacteria and other microorganisms from the human nasal mucosa, bad for their health, so using the medical isolation mask after the Suggestions according to the garbage classification processing.


Is the medical mask N95? 

No, it's not.

Medical isolation face shield masks and surgical masks itself is not the same, and n95 respirator is the U.S. national institute for occupational safety and health certification, one of the nine prevent particulate mask is not a simple medical isolation masks can be replaced, in addition, the n95 respirator in 95 on behalf of the filtering effect of 95%, if the medical isolation masks reach the standards of n95, also need to under the condition of the NIOSH standard advice, can be defined as n95.

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Use method of medical isolation face shield mask: 

1. First, disinfect hands with alcohol, then open the outer package of medical isolation face shield mask.

2, then distinguish the front and back of the medical face shield isolation mask, the general dark side for the outside.

3. Then hold both ends of the mask in your hands and wear it on your face. Finally, adjust the comfort level.

Note: The medical isolation face shield mask should be stored in the room with normal temperature, non-corrosive gas and good ventilation to avoid rain and direct sunlight.

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