Plastic box manufacturers demand to produce more green plastic boxes

- Apr 15, 2019-

Packaging is used in almost every product. Only better packaging can guarantee the integrity of the product, and then increase the commercial value of the product, so that it can be more acceptable to customers when selling. However, the current environmental problems of Pvc transparent packaging boxes, transparent folding boxes and plastic boxes have always plagued consumers. Plastic box manufacturers believe that there is a greater need to produce more green plastic boxes.

Green, environmentally friendly and safe packaging auxiliaries are popular

With the increase of safety awareness and the improvement of environmental protection standards, consumers are paying more and more attention to the hygienic safety performance of plastic packaging. The greening of plastic packaging not only reflects the current product itself, but also the increasingly strict restrictions on the volatile organic pollutants emitted during the production process. With the implementation of China's "Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan", plastic packaging and printing enterprises are also facing severe challenges.

Food packaging is a very important part of the packaging market, and strict regulatory requirements ensure safety in this application area.

The sophisticated design allows food packaging to be used as an advertisement, providing information to customers and providing the most important food safety protection.

Whether it is daily necessities or the food industry, there are many places where Pvc transparent packaging boxes are used. Now the Pvc transparent packaging boxes are slowly changing from rigid packaging to soft packaging. There are also many features. However, the long-term large-scale Pvc transparent packaging box will make the environment on the earth worse and worse, and the plastic box manufacturers need to produce more green plastic boxes. Everyone starts from small things. protect environment.