Plastic box manufacturers say that custom plastic box inquiry should pay attention to what

- Apr 18, 2019-

In life, we will always see that many products are packaged in a transparent folding box when they are sold. They are packaged in a transparent folding box. On the one hand, they can protect the product very well and are not easily damaged. On the other hand, it can be Let consumers understand the products very intuitively, choose the types and styles they like to buy, and don't have to buy the styles they don't like. Today, the plastic box manufacturer said that the seller should pay attention to the custom plastic box inquiry

First, understand what kind of materials you want to make in the plastic packaging box. Simply put, the PVC packaging box is popular, and the PET/PP packaging box is environmentally friendly and has a high grade.

Second, I have an understanding of the size of my product, and I know the length, width and height of the plastic box that I need to make. These are one of the important parameters of the price of plastic packaging.

Third, the thickness of the plastic packaging box, which is also an important parameter of the plastic packaging price, but the thickness has certain rules for different materials. Choose a suitable thickness for the weight of the product. If there is no experience or no concept for this, you can call us.

Fourth, the number of plastic packaging boxes. First of all, we have a minimum order quantity in the plastic packaging box manufacturer. If it is lower than the minimum order quantity, the price is calculated according to the minimum order quantity. At the same time, if the quantity is larger, the production price of a single plastic packaging box is lower. .

Fifth, printing area, printing process. For plastic packaging, the amount is large and printing costs are high. Is it a full-page or partial printing, printing process choice (hot stamping, hollowing, etc.)

In order to better guarantee the sales value of the products, the manufacturers will purchase large quantities of transparent folding boxes. At the time of inquiry, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the product, the size of the transparent folding box required, the thickness of the transparent folding box, the number of transparent folding boxes, and whether the processing needs to be modified or has special requirements. Only a better distinction can be used to determine the price of a transparent folding box. It will be more enjoyable when trading.