Plastic box packaging is widely used in food packaging

- May 12, 2019-

The boxed packaging container made of plastic has many characteristics such as low density, light weight and easy processing. The appearance of the plastic box packaging can be transparent or opaque. Plastic box packaging is widely used in the food packaging industry.

Advantages of plastic box packaging:

1, the plastic box is easy to shape, as long as the mold is replaced, you can get different types of containers, and easy to form mass production.

2, plastic box packaging effect, plastic variety, easy to color, bright color, can be made according to the needs of different types of packaging containers to achieve the best packaging effect.

3, plastic box has better corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance; and has good mechanical strength

Transparent plastic boxes, as the name implies, are boxes for packaging products, which can be classified according to materials such as: wooden boxes, paper boxes, cloth boxes, leather boxes, iron boxes, acrylic boxes, corrugated transparent plastic boxes, etc., or by product name. Classification such as: gift box, wine box, chocolate box, pen box, food transparent plastic box, tea transparent plastic box, etc. Now evolved into wood, paper and other materials mixed together. Transparent plastic box function: guaranteed transportation Safety of products, upgrading of product grades, etc. Main materials: Dutch board, gray board, MDF, acrylic, metal, corrugated, etc.

Generally used as a mid-range packaging method, between the inner and outer packaging. Transparent plastic box color box, generally composed of a number of colors, gives a strong visual sense, allowing buyers and users to have a little understanding of the overall appearance and color of the product. It is especially suitable for products that cannot be unpacked before purchase. Has been widely used in electronics, food, beverages, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, medicine, health products, cosmetics, small appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods and other industries and product packaging and other industries, is an indispensable industry.