Say a plastic box of different materials

- Apr 21, 2019-

Now in order to ensure that the product can be well protected, and for consumers to see the specific style and look of the product more intuitively. Many products now choose to use plastic boxes or transparent folding boxes when designing their packaging. This type of box allows consumers to have a more intuitive feel for the product. Today we mainly talk about several different types of plastic boxes.

According to the different uses of the material, there are professional signs on the plastic box to distinguish

1-PET polyethylene terephthalate: It can produce carcinogens after 10 months of use. This material

The quality of the plastic used after disposal is very high, and it is usually used as a mineral water bottle or a milk bottle. Not suitable for cold and overheated water, easy to precipitate carcinogen DEHP.

2-HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): It is not easy to clean and is easy to breed bacteria. It is not recommended for repeated use. Usually, cosmetic bottles and shower gel plastic bottles are suitable for this type of material.

3-PVC (polyvinyl chloride): It is easy to precipitate harmful substances in case of high temperature and oil, and is commonly used in raincoats, plastic toys, building materials, etc.

4-LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene): It is easy to produce harmful substances at high temperatures. Plastic bags and cling film commonly used in daily life are all such materials. Wrap the food with plastic wrap to easily dissolve harmful substances in the presence of grease.

5-PP (Polypropylene): The only material that can be used in microwave heating materials, very healthy. It can be reused after careful cleaning, but the lid of the microwave plastic box is not made of PP material, so it is recommended to remove the lid when heating.

Because of the different materials and processing methods, there are many types of plastic boxes. The different materials make many plastic boxes use different ways and places. Therefore, when choosing to use the plastic box, you must pay attention to the classification, to know which type of product can be used for packaging. Especially for food products, more attention needs to be paid.