The basic function of color matching of plastic packaging box

- Dec 20, 2019-

The function of packaging color is reflected in two aspects: 

One is the recognition function;

The second is the promotion function.

1. Color matching recognition function

In the colorful color world, the differences in hue, brightness and purity have formed their own characteristics. Using these characteristics in packaging can help consumers identify different brands from a wide variety of commodities.

color clear plastic packaging box

In psychology, the attention of consumers is divided into two types: intentional attention and unintentional attention. When people come into contact with a commodity at the beginning, they are mostly unconscious, that is, unintentional attention. But when consumers buy a commodity again, they will pay attention to the packaging consciously, especially to the color that first touches the vision.

Therefore, commodity packaging color use is appropriate, Xiamen Jiangxin packaging company will deepen the attention of consumers, thus triggering the purchase behavior.

Jiangxin plastic packaging box

In the process of the implementation of the packaging color plan, the application of enterprise standard color is the most intense moment, a designer once said: "a good brand packaging is far more useful than a salesman, it is a flag to identify the goods, is a symbol of the value of the goods.

And the color plan that implements brand recognition system, help consumer to identify commodity to belong to which company quickly, which brand.

For example, Coke of two famous brands in the world: "Coca-Cola" is packaged in red;

The packaging of "Pepsico" adopts blue as the main tone, all of which use extremely bright colors to show its brand personality and enhance the visual effect of packaging.

2. Promotion function of color

Good commodity packaging color will be all the more striking, because color is the factor that ACTS on the visual nerve of the person directly.

gift plastic packaging box

When people are faced with a large number of commodities, the commodities that can leave a visual impression on consumers instantly must be the packaging with distinctive individual colors.

Good commodity packaging color can not only beautify the goods, seize the line of sight of consumers, gift packaging box so that people in the process of buying goods have a good aesthetic enjoyment, but also play a role in the publicity of commodities, let people inadvertently notice its brand.

Therefore, enterprises in the packaging design of goods, should be aware of the importance of color, as a designer, should try to design in line with the attributes of goods, can quickly attract the attention of consumers color, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the sale of goods.