The difference between transparent packaging box (plastic box), PP box, PET box, PVC box?

- Feb 03, 2020-

jiangxin Packaging box materials are mainly divided into PP material, PVC material, PET material, PET material is also called APET material. Then let me introduce the differences between these materials.

PP materials: PP materials are divided into PP natural frosting materials and PP double mirror fabrics, which can be made into PP boxes, PP transparent boxes, PP frosted boxes, PP tags, beer tablets and other products.

1. Good effect. There are many kinds of plastics, easy to color, and bright color. Different types of packaging containers can be made according to needs to achieve the best packaging effect.

2. Easy to form, as long as the mold is changed, different types of containers can be obtained, and large-scale production is easy to be formed.

3. It has good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, impact resistance, and good mechanical strength.

4.Crystalline material with low hygroscopicity, prone to melt fracture, and easy to decompose after long-term contact with hot metal.

5, good fluidity, but the shrinkage range and shrinkage value are large, easy to shrinkage. Dent, deformation.

6.The cooling speed is fast, the pouring system and cooling system should slowly dissipate heat, and pay attention to control the molding temperature. The material temperature is easy to be oriented at low temperature and high pressure. When the mold temperature is lower than 50 degrees, the plastic part is not smooth, and it is easy to produce poor welding and flow marks. Warp deformation easily occurs above 90 degrees

7.The plastic wall thickness must be uniform to avoid lack of glue and sharp corners to prevent stress concentration.

The full English name of PVC material is: Polyvinyl chloridepolymer, chemical name is polyvinyl chloride. Because PVC material has high transparency and can achieve matte effect, it is widely used in industries that do not require environmental protection for packaging boxes.

1. The density of PVC material is relatively large, about 1.380 g / cm3;

2. PVC material is uniform in thickness, anti-stretching, corrosion-resistant and strong in transparency.

3. PVC material is flame-retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof, excellent insulation, and good anti-pollution.

4. PVC material is not environmentally friendly. Harmful to human body.

The full English name of PET material is polyethyleneterephthalate, and the Chinese name is polyethylene terephthalate. PET plastic boxes can be widely used in exquisite packaging such as folding boxes and cylinders. Common colors include silver, white, bright white, etc. PET has excellent media properties, and its products have good anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, high temperature and other properties.

1. PET material has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3 to 5 times that of other films, and good folding resistance.

2. PET material is non-toxic, odorless, good in health and safety, and can be directly used in food packaging.

3. PET material has high transparency and good gloss.