The method of designing the Gifts Packaging Box design

- Jun 05, 2019-

Gifts are a relatively short-lived item. Deeply limited by festivals and consumer groups, it is basically a short, frequent and fast product. When entering the market, it must show sales ability. Of course, if you want to show sales ability, you should not only rely on the advertising and image of corporate advertising. The spread, more importantly, comes from the product itself, which itself includes product quality and packaging. Product quality is the premise, packaging is performance, interdependence, and mutual existence.

In practice, the packaging design is carried out in a limited picture, which is a spatial limitation. At the same time, the packaging is in the short-term time for the purchaser to know, which is a limitation of time. This time and space restriction requires that the packaging design cannot be blindly pursued, and that everything is put in place and nothing is equal. The key points are to compare and select relevant information on commodities, consumption and sales. The basic point of selection is to improve sales.

The trademark image of the product, the meaning of the brand;

The functional utility of the product, the texture attribute;

The origin of the commodity, local factors;

The background of the sale of the commodity, the object of consumption;

The difference between this product and the current product;

The condition of the same packaging design of the commodity;

The product has a total of its characteristics and so on.

Remind everyone that these are the media materials for design ideas. Design as much as possible to understand the relevant information, compare and select, and then determine the performance focus. Therefore, designers are required to have a wealth of knowledge about the goods, markets, and life, and the accumulation of cultural knowledge. The more you accumulate, the wider the world of ideas, the more roads there are, and the more important the choices are.

First, the performance angle

This is the deepening after determining the form of expression, that is, there must be a specific breakthrough after finding the main target. If the trademark or brand is the focus of performance, it is the expression of the image, or the meaning of the brand. If the product itself is the performance focus, it is the external image of the product, or the inherent property of the product; The co-components still express their functional utility; things have different perspectives of understanding, and their performance is more focused on one angle, which will benefit the vividness of performance.

Second, the performance techniques

Just as the performance focus and performance angle are like the goal and the breakthrough, the performance technique can be a tactical problem. The focus and perspective of performance is mainly to address what is being expressed. This is only half of the problem solved. Good performance techniques and expressions are the vitality of design.

No matter how it behaves, it is a certain characteristic of expressing content and expressing content. In a broad sense: Everything must have its own particularity, and everything must be related to something else. Thus, to represent a thing and to represent an object, there are two basic methods: one is to directly represent certain features of the object, and the other is to express things indirectly by means of other things related to the object. The former is called direct performance, the latter is called indirect performance or by performance.