Isolation Shield Stand

Protective Barrier Enclosure
isolation shield stand
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Protective Barrier Enclosure Isolation Splash Shield Products

Product Name:Isolation Splash Shield Products

Plastic Boxes Price:1000-3000pcs($8-3)


Size:As Shown In Illustration/Custom Size


Color:Clear/Custom Color

Design:Customer Requirement

Logo:Customer's Logo

Protective Barrier Enclosure Isolation Shield Sample

isolation shield stand

isolation shield stand

isolation shield cheap

isolation shield cheap

desk isolation shield

desk isolation shield

Protective Barrier Enclosure

Protective Barrier Enclosure

isolation shield for sale

isolation shield for sale

protective isolation shield

protective isolation shield

isolation shield shop

isolation shield shop

desktop isolation shield

desktop isolation shield

isolation shield with stand

isolation shield with stand

protective barrier enclosures

protective barrier enclosures

splash shield

splash shield

isolation shield

isolation shield

Protective Barrier Enclosure Isolation Shield Video

PET material is stable, high-definition and transparent

without peculiar smell easy to clean and use, 75% alcohol disinfection.

printing clear box

Production type is customized according to customer order requirements.

No stock products, customers, in the case of no concrete plans to inform you that your requirements, we can provide similar product pictures for reference according to the demand characteristics, determine the solution after we completed sample to confirm, if there is a need to modify the details after receipt of the sample we make corresponding revision and then determine the final plan (if you need proofing according to customer needs, proofing charge sample fees, to determine the order after the proofing fee can act as a big goods payment) above the store pictures taken for the factory production orders for product pictures

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