Four Media That Cause Aging In Plastic Box Storage

- May 10, 2019-

During the storage and use of plastic boxes, the physical and chemical properties and mechanical properties are gradually deteriorated due to the combined effects of internal and external factors. What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

1, oil. In the long-term contact with the oil medium during use, the oil can penetrate into the interior to cause swelling, resulting in a decrease in the strength and other mechanical properties of the plastic box.

2, light. The shorter the light wave, the greater the energy. The damaging effect is the higher energy of ultraviolet light. In addition to directly causing molecular chain breakage and cross-linking, ultraviolet light generates free radicals by absorbing light energy, triggering and accelerating the oxidative chain reaction process.

3. Oxygen. Oxygen undergoes a free radical chain reaction with rubber molecules in a plastic box, and the molecular chain is broken or excessively crosslinked, causing a change in rubber properties. Oxidation is one of the important causes of its aging.

4, hot. Increasing the temperature can cause thermal cracking or thermal crosslinking. But the basic role of heat is activation. Increasing the rate of oxygen diffusion and activating the oxidation reaction accelerates the oxidation reaction rate, which is a ubiquitous phenomenon of aging: thermal oxygen aging.

Some users don't understand why the same batch of plastic boxes have a long service life. The above is the corresponding explanation for this problem, I hope to help you.