Four Ways To Recycle Plastic Boxes

- May 01, 2019-

The recycling of plastic boxes implements a sustainable development strategy, reducing waste of resources and environmental pollution. What are the measures?

1. Melt regeneration: Melt regeneration is a method in which a used plastic box is reheated and plasticized. From the source can be divided into two categories: one is the recycling of scraps from the resin factory, the processing plant; the second is the recycling after mixed use.

2. Energy recovery: Energy recovery is a method that utilizes the heat generated during combustion.

3, recycling of chemical raw materials: some varieties of plastic boxes, plus polyurethane can be obtained by hydrolysis of raw materials during synthesis. This is a method of recycling by chemical decomposition into chemical raw materials.

4, thermal cracking: thermal cracking method is the method of burning the fuel oil and fuel gas by pyrolysis of the selected waste products.

Improve the recycling rate of plastic boxes, promote the classification of waste diversion, save economic expenses to a certain extent, and achieve healthy and orderly development.