How Can I Choose A Plastic Box With Better Quality?

- Apr 18, 2019-

Plastic boxes are a kind of product that is used more and more, everyone should know it! After all, the packaging outside the plastic box product is transparent. It is very good for us to see what it looks like inside. What kind of things to sell are not what we like. One thing we can pay more attention to, about plastic boxes. The problem of buying.

Plastic box selection method

The first is "pinch", which is to be squeezed to select a packing box that has a certain thickness and is not easy to tear or deform. PP boxes are usually relatively strong, but in contrast, some packing boxes are thin, fragile, and subject to heat and deformation.

The second is "smell". The qualified packaging box should have no odor. If it smells pungent, it has not been sanitized and disinfected, or there are chemical residues, which are unqualified products.

The third is "look". When packing, you should carefully check whether there is a triangle mark and microwave instructions on the plastic box. The packing box of PP material is relatively safe, and it can also be heated by microwave oven. The colored box should be noted because it may contain A component that is harmful to the human body.

When we buy plastic boxes, we can consider that these three points are better for us! Because the quality of the plastic box products selected through these three points can be tested!