How To Make Color Box Printing Color More Colorful?

- Sep 27, 2020-

How to make color box printing color more colorful?

1. Control the water level at different speeds through the water level data of the computer table.

Adjust the water level data in the process.

In the version of the process, more times to stop the boot.At this point, we can observe the initial "water level" state of printing.If there is a "dirty" or "big water" at the beginning, you can control the amount of water at the beginning of the printing machine by adjusting the data on the computer.The adjusted data can serve as the initial flow of water, but in the "long car" production process, we will not affect the set water level.

color box printing

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color box printing

color box printing

"All the way", the machine in a long time of constant speed and high-speed rotation, the requirements of the water and the machine is not the same.

The adjustable data can play a printing acceleration, deceleration, the automatic compensation of water transfer.The data will not affect the initial water transfer state.When the machine is in this state, the balance state of "water and ink" is better.The water level is also well controlled.This time need not be afraid, feel free to speed up the printing.