How To Protect The Plastic Box From Moisture

- May 23, 2019-

We all know that when the plastic box is immersed in water, it will affect the original performance and cannot be packaged. Therefore, when manufacturing plastic boxes, it is generally necessary not to let the plastic box get water. In addition, It is very important to protect the plastic box itself from moisture.

After the plastic box is wetted by water, the compressive strength and bursting resistance of the box will be greatly reduced, which will affect the quality of the package. The plastic box is made of moisture-proof, and is usually solved by applying a waterproofing agent. Therefore, according to the waterproofing agent. The function of the moisture-proof plastic box can be divided into: temporary waterproof treatment and long-term waterproof treatment.

This kind of coating was used on fabric fibers early, and later used in the processing of plastic boxes. The water-repellent is called a wax emulsion. The solid content is generally 48% to 51%, which is the largest. It is characterized by being diluted with about 30 times of water during use, and then coated on the plastic box being formed. After drying at a temperature of about 150 ° C, the surface fibers have a low surface tension due to wrapping, forming a water-infiltration. In the surface layer, when it is in contact with water, the water does not wet on the paperboard, forming water droplets rolling down, thereby achieving waterproofing.

The above is the introduction of how to protect the plastic box from moisture. In the future production process, more attention should be paid to avoid the phenomenon of water immersion and ensure the quality of the plastic box.