How To Remove The Wave Pattern In The Production Of Plastic Boxes

- May 25, 2019-

When the plastic box is produced, wave ripple phenomenon often occurs. How should the wave pattern appear in the production of plastic boxes? Today, our family came together to see the solution of wave pattern:

1. There are not many reasons for the wave pattern, because the resin that starts to cool and solidifies enters the cavity; the mold temperature is too low.

2, that for these two points, we have to understand the plastic box related knowledge, the plastic box in the nozzle, the resin cooled in the slippery edge enters the cavity in the semi-cured state, together with the mold contact immediately solidified, and then into the deep cavity The wave current state is formed, and the wave flow pattern is also easily generated due to the difference in the thickness of the product.

3. Instant: Increase the temperature of the barrel and increase the temperature of the mold.

4, short-term: improve the smoothness of the mold.

5. Long-term: Change materials into materials with good fluidity.

6, according to the material.

7. Materials with good fluidity are not easy to form wave currents.

8. The reason why polystyrene forms wave pattern is still not clear.

The above is an introduction to the removal of wave patterns in the production of plastic boxes. I hope that it will help you. When you pay attention to these problems during production, you can avoid the wave pattern.