Introduction Of The Method Of Removing Odor From Plastic Box

- Apr 13, 2019-

Introduction to the method of removing odor from plastic boxes. Plastic boxes are widely used in our lives. Sometimes they can be used to package toys, cosmetics and other products. They can also be used to make lunch boxes. Lunch boxes made of plastic boxes sometimes produce odors. Let us talk about how to remove the smell.

Everyone knows that plastic is the most difficult material to clean. If the food containing grease is used in a plastic container, the oil stain will be difficult to remove and the plastic container will become slimy. And plastic containers can produce strange odors under prolonged use. Affects the next use.

Soak the lemonade, slice the lemon, put it in a plastic container, pour the full water, and leave it for a period of time to effectively remove the odor of the plastic. Put the leftover tea leaves in a plastic container and add warm water. The adsorptivity of the tea leaves can be attached to the odor of the plastic container. Mix a small spoonful of baking soda into the two public waters and pour into a plastic container. Flour can wrap oil. Sprinkle the oily plastic container with flour and scrape the flour by hand. It should be noted that the garbage can not be directly poured into the sewer, and it should be thrown into the trash can, otherwise it will easily cause the sewer to become blocked.