Method For Identifying The Quality Of Plastic Boxes

- Jun 07, 2019-

At present, among the 39 kinds of food plastic products that are market-advanced, the quality inspection rate is not very high, mainly the fast food boxes, plastic bags and other products. Therefore, we must be cautious when selecting plastic boxes to identify the quality of plastic boxes. Methods as below:

1. Plastic box: Generally speaking, the qualified product has better finish and brightness, and has a certain strength when pinched. The tearing of the hand is not broken, and there is no smell in the smell. The inferior lunch box feels soft and inflexible. It breaks when it is gently torn, and it smells like a pungent smell.

2, you can use submersible experiments to verify the advantages and disadvantages of plastic boxes: inferior products are generally added to cheap minerals such as calcium carbonate, talcum powder, the specific gravity is larger than water, the plastic box is broken, put into the water to stir, sink The difference is that the qualified plastic box has a small specific gravity and will float on the water.

3, consumers at home can also use cotton balls dipped in some cooking oil, wiped on colored plastic bags, easily discolored is the inferior plastic box.