What Are The Different Changes In The Body Of A Person Infected With A Novel Coronavirus After Cure Compared To The Body Before Infection?

- Mar 28, 2020-

Unfortunately infected with a novel coronavirus, the body will produce antibodies after the cure.The plasma of COVID-19 convalesced patients was used to test in severely infected patients with certain results.These are treated with antibodies produced in the recovered person's plasma, giving the patient passive immunity.


After being infected with a novel coronavirus for a certain period of time, the human body will produce antibodies. IgM is the first antibody, and IgG, or immunoglobulin G, will be generated in large quantities.However, the concentration of antibodies varies from person to person, with some people having higher titers and others having lower titers.After the cure has the antibody, is equivalent to has the protective cover, is not easy to be infected again by the virus.How long this protective antibody will last, some experts think at least six months, but because this is a new virus, the current understanding is still light, more research is needed to prove.

Talk about the bad side, COVID-19 patients will be cured after the sequela?

This problem is a lot of people urgently want to know, when infected with the virus, we think of is to save lives, hope to get treatment as soon as possible, now the vast majority of people are cured, we began to worry about the virus on their own body is not damaged, will have what sequelae in the future.

In the treatment of SARS that year, because there was no specific drug, the disease developed too quickly, had to use a large dose of hormones to control the deterioration of the disease, but the hormones to SARS survivors body brought irreversible damage.Having learned the hard lesson last time, covid-19 patients were very careful to use glucocorticoids this time, avoiding hormones as much as possible. Patients with rapid disease changes were also strict with the indications of using glucocorticoids, keeping the dose within a small range, and using them in a short course of treatment.So, do not need to worry about the case that appears femur head is necrotic as SARS sequela patient.

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COVID - 19 patients more than 80% of patients with mild, this part of patient short course of disease, some people describe it as a cold, this part of patients after treatment of lung inflammation in the short term to absorb completely, later won't appear the situation of the pulmonary fibrosis, basically has little impact of pulmonary function, after cure conditions, it should be said with sick before being tested.

About 10-15% of severe patients will develop acute respiratory distress syndrome due to "great white lung". This type of patients may have a certain degree of pulmonary interstitial fibrosis after treatment due to long treatment time and many drugs, which has certain impact on lung function, especially elderly patients, people with pulmonary basic diseases and long-term smokers.In addition, the patient that appears much viscera function is damaged, for instance heart function, gastrointestinal function, liver kidney function, sensorimotor nerve function is waited a moment, after this kind of patient is cured each viscera function needs longer time to restore.


Novel coronavirus could theoretically invade even the testes, possibly affecting male reproductive function.First line anti-epidemic experts recommend that male patients who have been infected with a novel coronavirus and have been cured should undergo reproductive function examination and evaluation if they have fertility needs.For infected middle-aged and elderly men, it is necessary to pay attention to the post-recovery androgen levels, which is directly related to the overall health of men.It should be said that this is the first line of doctors kind reminder, as to whether it really affects reproductive function, the impact of how much, is still unknown.