Plastic Box Packaging Design Method

- Sep 27, 2020-

1. Banter imitation method: this flat is a kind of creative technique, don't have to adopt new for old way to borrow the name, the worldly familiar paintings and other works of art and social celebrities, etc as the image of banter, the implementation of the subtly, the famous celebrity XieCuGan, give consumers a new peculiar visual impression and carefree fun, with its exception, mystery advertising effect, increase the product value and attention degree.

This way of expression advertising persuasive, in a kind of almost caricatured humor fun, people praise, make you laugh, let you have a photographic memory, leaving a funny aftertaste.

Plastic box packaging design

Plastic box packaging design

Plastic packaging box design

Plastic packaging box design

2. Magic method: using the deformity of hyperbole, with infinite rich construction imagine myths and fairy, grind arenaceous headphones plastic packing box, in a fantasy scenario represent the reality, cause and reality a certain distance, this is full of rich romantic, enjoyable than realism technique of expression, by suddenly appear magical visual feeling, very full of appeal, give a person a kind of special beauty feeling, can satisfy the requirement of people aesthetic preferences strange and changeful.

In this way of expression, artistic imagination is very important, it is a sign of human intelligence, everything needs imagination, especially art.It is no exaggeration to say that imagination is the life of art.

From the beginning of the creative concept to the end of the design, the printing of the earphone plastic box, imagination is active.The outstanding feature of imagination is its creativity. Creative imagination is the beginning of the excavation of new meanings and the emergence and display of new images.Its basic tendency is to transform the experience evoked by the association, and finally to form a new image with the unique creation of the aesthetician, and to produce a strong power to strike the depression.

Future packaging design should be customer-centric

Although there is no clear formula to guide product packaging, several trends can be seen: in packaging design, must catch people's attention.By considering cutting-edge packaging in the design of your products, your customers will not only see your company proficient in modern design and forward-looking thinking, but also tend to buy your products.

A good packaging design concept

1. Sustainable packaging

When a product can be made from recycled or recycled materials, sustainable or "green" packaging is a long way off.

At present, "green" packaging has the following development trends:

Biodegradable and renewable materials: many cities are running composting programs, USB earphones and plastic packaging boxes that encourage residents to compost in their backyards.Compostable plastics, often made from renewable sources such as corn, are increasingly popular.

Materials: consumers want to know that your packaging does not use harmful chemicals or dyes.

Save energy and reduce emissions: this may mean requiring less energy, or opting for renewable sources of energy, such as solar panels.

Less packaging: eliminates waste, saves transportation costs, and reduces usage in the production process.

Wue: reduction of waste water in production, such as through reuse, is an important component of green packaging today.

The spread of sustainable packaging means the use of sustainable technologies that appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Of course, sustainability must take into account both function and price.Sun's chips started in 2010, and its packaging used biodegradable plastic bags because of quality problems that led to consumer complaints and lost sales.Customers want to buy environmentally friendly products, but not at the expense of quality, cost and convenience.