Plastic Box Production Method For Cutting Plate Making

- Apr 10, 2019-

Plastic boxes are always used in life. The general plastic boxes are transparent. Putting products allows consumers to directly see the style, quality and color of the internal products. In fact, do you know? Plastic boxes are very large plates when they are produced. They all need to be post-processed. Are you interested in the production of plastic boxes?

In fact, the plastic packaging box is also controlled by computer. The laser cutting and cutting, the plastic packaging box is used to input the size, shape and cardboard weight of the plastic packaging box into the computer, and then the electronic computer controls the laser movement to engrave the plastic packaging box on the plywood. All the tangential polylines, and finally the knives are embedded.

The process flow is as follows: draw a grade plastic packaging box sample map → plastic packaging box draw imposition no plan → plastic packaging box copy imposition design drawing → imposition design drawing transferred to plywood → drilling and kerf → inlay → making mold Cut the template.

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