The Reason And Solution For The Corner Of The Plastic Box Corner Is Too Thin

- May 20, 2019-

When we used it, we found that the corner of the corner of the plastic box was too thin, which affected our normal use. This required us to solve these problems in the production process. The following is the reason why the corner of the plastic box corner is too thin. solution:

1. The plastic box molding process is improperly selected.

Solution: You can use the inflatable plug assisting process.

2. The plastic box sheet is too thin.

Solution: Use thicker sheets instead.

3. Uneven heating during the production of plastic boxes.

Solution: The heating system should be inspected. The temperature of the part where the corner of the product is to be formed should be lower. Before the pressing, some cross lines can be drawn on the sheet to observe the flow of the material during forming, so as to adjust the heating. temperature.

When the reason why the plastic box appears too thin at the corner of the corner and the solution is the above, understand these contents, pay more attention to the production process to ensure the quality of the production of the plastic box.