Tips For Solving Plastic Box Discoloration

- May 17, 2019-

Many customers report that the plastic box often shows discoloration when it is used, which affects the normal use. Next, it will bring you tips for solving the discoloration of the plastic box:

1. It must be checked on the page of the plastic box. For example, for a small place layout, the ink pattern is dragged, and our high-quality printing method is more clear to avoid the problem of discoloration;

2, using a very simple method to check the ink system, the ink thoroughly cleans the first three waters, must use the white ink of the grain, we print these materials, modify the color of the possible color of the pile in Melbourne;

3, check the printing of the plastic box small thick paper, the color of the case printing, we will check according to the problem of its own conclusion.

4. If there is a problem with the ink supply system of the plastic box, especially the roller, we will press the intermediate roller hydraulic pressure, do not need to check the state of the water, adjust to the water roll, measurement, roll, sink version, the role in the printing process. No recommended conditions are used.

To achieve the above, can effectively avoid the phenomenon of discoloration of plastic boxes, only to ensure the quality of plastic boxes, can attract more consumers to come to buy, bring us more benefits.