3 Inch Clear Plastic Boxes

clear inch boxes
10 inch clear gift box
5 inch clear plastic boxes
8 inch clear box
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Product Details

custom inch clear boxes

Product name:2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 inch clear box

Materials:pp pet pvc rpet

Size:custom size


Color:custom color

Design:customer requirement

Logo:customer's logo

Free design of PP PET RPET PVC box

clear inch boxes

clear inch boxes

10 inch clear gift box

10 inch clear gift box

5 inch clear plastic boxes

5 inch clear plastic boxes

8 inch clear box

8 inch clear box

Box size(cm)

box size

Note; 30 c = 0.3 mm

Remarks: We accept other sizes according to your custom

clear plastic boxes video

originality custom, free design

Manufacturer provides straightly

Quality of originality

Intimate after-sales

clear plastic box

Why do you choose us?

Factory direct supply,15 years of experience, support customization, high quality materials, ingenuity quality, intimate after-sales, the source of the factory.It's cheaper in larger quantities.

Transparent plastic box production standards

1, the correct single draft for CorelDraw file, do special effect into dot map, text, symbols, patterns must be converted into curves.

2. Manuscripts need to be marked out with clear size and knife grinding line

3, thickness: 0.15-0.75mm (15C-75C or 6#-30#)

4. Printing method: offset printing;

Screen printing;

Silk screen grinding;

Full version or local UV effect (color green onion effect);

Bronzing silver (laser hot, color paper hot);

Pressure convex effect.

5, soft line process: to ensure that the plastic box is easy to fold, packaging time saving, box shape straight, beautiful.

6. Adhesive method: adhesive can ensure that PP/PET adhesive is not white, not off the adhesive;

7, ultrasonic welding ----- can use different bonding model, so that the bonding edge more beautiful.

8, packaging: the use of flat packaging, plus shrink protective film wrapped, to ensure that the product in the process of transportation scratches, bending deformation and other bad conditions, but also to reduce transportation costs.

Our factory

Jiangxin factory

[Plastic box material]

PVC RPET PP PET box, can be customized a variety of colors and materials, can be covered with protective film, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet treatment, PVC material has bright color, gloss, high transparency, no fold white and other characteristics.

[Thickness of plastic box] 

0.10-0.8mm (10-80 wire) can be selected.

[Plastic box shape]

 square plastic box, cylinder plastic box, ordinary folding box, polygonal plastic box, trapezoidal plastic box, aircraft plastic box, world cover plastic box, automatic bottom buckle box, pillow type packaging box, hanging type packaging box, and other shapes of transparent folding box.

[Plastic box specifications] 

please provide the required product size length * width * height, can be customized according to customer demand.

[Production Process] 

Ultrasonic edge binding, automatic machine bonding, high frequency special pressure soft thread, automatic bottom buttoning.[UV printing, offset printing (generally used for four-color printing brush); screen printing (generally used for LOGO, English letters, etc.); hot stamping/silver, pearly powder, concave and convex.

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