baby feeding bottle storage box

baby feeding bottle storage box
Product name:​Factory Direct Sale Baby Feeding Bottle Packaging Box
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Factory Direct Sale Baby Feeding Bottle Packaging Box

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Color printing baby bottle clear platic packaging box display


PET PP & custom






The MOQ is 500pcs



PP transparent packaging plastic box features and application scope

Material: 0.30-0.60mm, environmental PP, frosted, twill, transparent

Printing: offset printing, silk-screen printing, bronzing

Process: single thread, soft thread

Customized: according to the customer requirements of the thickness of the material, printing content and size production

PP transparent packaging plastic box Scope of use:

Suitable for cosmetics, electronic products, handicrafts, gifts, chocolate, toys, clothing, auto parts, etc.

PP transparent packaging plastic box Product features:

1, transparent, beautiful and generous 

2, PP material environmental protection, all raw materials, printing ink and glue are in line with export standards harmless to human body.

baby bottle plastic box

PP is a semi - crystalline material.

It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point.

Because homopolymer PP is very brittle when the temperature is above 0℃, many commercial PP materials are random copolymers with 1~4% ethylene or clamping copolymers with higher ratio of ethylene content.

Copolymer PP materials have lower thermal distortion temperature (100℃), low transparency, low gloss, low rigidity, but have stronger impact strength.

The strength of PP increases with the increase of ethylene content.

The vica softening temperature of PP is 150℃.

Due to its high crystallinity, the material has good surface stiffness and scratch resistance.

Environmental stress cracking does not exist in PP.

Generally, PP is modified by adding fiberglass, metal additives or thermoplastic rubber.

The turnover rate of PP ranges from 1 to 40.

pet baby bottle plastic box

PP materials with low MFR have better impact resistance but lower tensile strength.

For the same MFR material, the strength of the copolymer type is higher than that of the homopolymer type.

As a result of crystallization, PP shrinkage is quite high, generally 1.8-2.5%.

And the directional uniformity of shrinkage ratio is much better than pe-HD and other materials.

baby feeding bottle storage box

The shrinkage rate can be reduced to 0.7% by adding 30% glass additive.

Homopolymer and copolymer PP materials have excellent resistance to moisture absorption, acid and alkali corrosion, and solubility.

However, it has no resistance to aromatic hydrocarbon (such as benzene) solvents, chlorinated hydrocarbon (carbon tetrachloride) solvents, etc.

PP is also not like PE at high temperature still has antioxidant properties.

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