Foldable Nursing Bottle Box Plastic Packaging

nursing bottle storage box
baby bottle gift box
baby bottle variety box
baby bottle box sample
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baby nursing bottle clear plastic gift variety storage packaging box sample

Product name:baby nursing bottle clear plastic gift packaging box 

Materials:pp pet pvc

Size:custom size


Color:custom color

Design:customer requirement

Logo:customer's logo

baby nursing bottle packaging box video

baby nursing bottle packaging box sample

nursing bottle storage box

nursing bottle storage box

baby bottle gift box

baby bottle gift box

baby bottle box sample

baby bottle box sample

baby bottle variety box

baby bottle variety box

Screen printing plastic box printing production


1, transparent body, you can intuitively see the product inside the plastic box, so transparent plastic box is widely adopted

2. Transparent plastic box refers to folding box, cylinder, heaven and earth cover box, hand bag, hanging card hanging piece and other related plastic products

3, transparent plastic box in the printing process can achieve UV offset printing, screen printing, bronzing/silver, sand grinding and other printing effects

Screen printing box introduction:

Materials: PVC, PET, PP, PP transparent sheet, color sheet, flow sheet, super transparent sheet, high transparent sheet, flame retardant sheet, coated sheet, anti-aging sheet, anti-static sheet

Technology: spot color or multi-color screen printing or offset printing, general protective film or electrostatic film, local UV, high frequency wave, ultrasonic wave, embossing, bronzing, hot silver, soft line, concave convex, LOGO

Specification: The size is determined by the customer. When the customer makes the order, we will tailor the box for you as long as you tell us the length, width and height of the box and the thickness and thickness of the material.

Styles: various styles can be viscose, plug-and-buckle style, providing various styles for customers' reference and comparison.

Custom: PVC\PP\PET boxes can be customized according to customers' requirements, customers can provide samples customized products of various sizes, thickness, colors, patterns and other different products.

Advantages: Transparent plastic box can increase the family's visual perception of the products and increase the selection opportunities in the same series of products.

Pattern type:

1) Transparent scrub, fine scrub, ultra-fine scrub, coarse scrub, mirror scrub.

Thickness from 0.25 to 2.0 MM

2) Single side fine scrub, single side coarse scrub.

Thickness from 0.15 to 0.3 MM

3) Transparent sheet thickness ranges from 0.15-0.8mm

4) Double mirror thickness ranges from 0.25-2.0mm

5) The thickness of twill sheet is 0.3-2.0mm

Type of finished box:

Printing, bronzing/silver, welding, etc

1. Lifestyle: PP packaging box, PP folding box, PP tissue box, PP storage box, PP handbag, PP drawer, etc

2. Gifts: PP folding box, PP gift box, PP cosmetic box, PP shoe box, PP gift bag, PP hand bag liner, PP toy packing box, etc

3. Stationery categories are: PP file bag, PP folder, PP briefcase, PP sheet, PP notebook cover, PP tablet, PP calendar

4. The food category includes: PP place mat, PP coasters, PP candy box, PP tea packing box, etc

5. Electronics category: PP back plate PP flame retardant PP anti-static PP anti-aging PP tablets

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