Shoes PP Transparent Plastic Packaging Box

Shoes PP transparent plastic packaging box
PET PP plastic packaging box
clear plastic packaging box
pp plastic packaging box
Knowledge of plastic packaging What are the characteristics of the nursing bottle packaging box material? 1.PVC sheet material, high toughness, not easy to burn, burning will produce chlorine gas, smoke, and mixed with the pungent smell,PVC easy to heat, can use sealing machine and high cycle sealing edge, is the main raw material for the production of transparent plastic products.
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Product Details

Custom shoes PP transparent folding flat plastic packaging box

plastic packaging box for shoes

Material Features:

1, PVC --with nice anti-fouling ability , prices are relatively low. 
             Mostly used in Daily used goods
2, PET --high transparency & glossiness,beautiful appearance, strong figure 
             Mostly use in products that required high environmental protection products 
3, PP ---good toughness,eco-friendly. Consist smooth PP. frosted PP,twill PP 
              Mostly use in baby products & stationery products package 

Mainly used material


Material thickness


Size26.0*7.8*5.0cm          Accept customized

Main printing options

Offset printing, silkscreen, UV printing, Embossing, foil stamping, etc.

Quotation time

Within 24 hours


2000 units

Quality control

Advance equipment and skilled workers to test raw material, ink, glue, etc


TT, Pay Pal, etc

Packing details

Shipping carton, the weight won't exceed 20kgs


 Express, sea, air, according to customers requirements

Lead time

10-25 days based on order quantity


Xiamen China

Attractive appearance, beautiful and fashionable

Good impact resistance

Easy to fold, fast and easy to pack

High transparent with smooth surface

Win-win shoe packaging design

Combined with the concept of the company and consumer groups, according to different people, different design style, in a win-win shoe series design, I chose two of the major representative of consumption object: the first is that has the taste of successful people, they generally prefer a low profile, don't like to make public, low-key luxury is their consistent in style, so on box package adopted a more conservative design style, the form of a shoe box USES is smoked pull type, convenient to carry, save raw materials.

According to the survey to understand their habits, choose the simple sense of the picture, the picture with the company logo, choose a darker color, this design style can not only reveal a person's taste but also can highlight a person's attitude to life.Shoes and shoe packing is with a series of shoes, listed on the feeling one style, but thin, actually distinct design, selection of different is that my packaging structure is different, give a person is another kind of feeling, the design of the socks chosen is cylindrical, more convenient to carry, can be recycled, in order to cater to the concept of green environmental protection and energy saving, I chose a creative design can be recycled.Cylindrical socks, after use, not only can continue to install socks, but also can install some ornaments or as a pen holder.

It has the effect of recycling and reuse.The insole is superimposed, which is convenient to carry and can be taken out on business trips without embarrassment.Second, the pursuit of fashion sense of a group of people, fashion is indispensable in their eyes, some 80, 90 after the youth, they like to be different, like to be concerned, they in the choice of shoes and clothing, have a different vision and their own unique style.For this kind of people, I chose fashion illustration as my design element, with a light and clear color. 

In the selection of shoe boxes, I chose a more personalized shoe type at the beginning, but for the reason of printing, I finally chose the side cover type.Although it is an ordinary shoebox, but combined with the fashionable illustration, it gives people an extraordinary feeling, and forms a long cube multi-functional convenience shoebox whole.

After adopting this structure, it is convenient for people to buy shoes and wear dirty shoes to clean and maintain them in time. Besides, it also USES the resources of empty shoebox to achieve the purpose of convenience, saving and sanitation.

Knowledge of plastic packaging

1: box type

(1) tuck box (2) buckle box (3)auto-lock bottom box (4) hook box (5) handle box (6) hand box (7) wine box (8) upper and lower unlocking (9) hook box B (10) cover box (11) flat box (12) pillow case


Our packaging functions are as follows:

1. Realize commodity value and use value, and increase commodity value.

2. Protect commodities from natural factors such as sunlight, rain and dust pollution, and prevent losses such as volatilization, leakage, melting, pollution, collision, extrusion, dispersion and theft;

3. Bring convenience to storage, transportation, adjustment and sales of circulation links, such as loading and unloading, stocktaking, palletization, delivery, receiving, transshipment and sales counting;

4. Beautify products and attract customers, which is conducive to promotion.


Color printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging box