Shoes PP Transparent Plastic Packaging Box

plastic shoe box clear
plastic shoe display box
folding plastic shoe box
plastic shoe box drawers
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folding clear pp plastic shoe drawers display packaging box

※transparent shoe box drawer shoe box

Simple folding and assembly, a stylish drawer type shoe box, high quality plastic, breathable and waterproof

PP transparent plastic shoe box video

  • Product name: drawer PP transparent plastic shoe box

  • Material: PP high quality plastic

  • Size :27.5*18*9.5cm(error in manual measurement)

  • Packing: 67 g

  • Color: custom

  • Application: Plastic dustproof shoe box

PP transparent plastic shoe box video

plastic shoe box drawers

plastic shoe box drawers

plastic shoe box clear

plastic shoe box clear

folding plastic shoe box

folding plastic shoe box

plastic shoe display box

plastic shoe display box

What kind of products can you produce?

Answer: 1. All kinds of card products are divided into PVC card, PET card, metal card, paper card and so on according to the material;

Divide magnetic stripe CARDS, various IC CARDS, special-shaped CARDS, ordinary color printing CARDS, business CARDS, etc.

There are other card-related products;

2. PVC/PET/PP and other plastic printing products, such as transparent packaging boxes, folders, billboards, etc.;

3. Membership management software and supporting hardware products, consumables, etc.

Why are the prices of some of your products higher than those of some card manufacturers?

Answer: the quality and service are different, the price will certainly be different.

Our goal is to achieve the lowest market price under the premise of the same quality and service.

Because only the product is cost-effective, it is possible to win the long-term cooperation of customers.

Three, PVC card quality stand or fall from what aspects to evaluate?

Answer: it can be judged from several aspects, such as material, printing effect, production fineness (such as card edge, typing effect, etc.), scratch dirty point, broken card rate, magnetic stripe or chip quality, packaging, etc.

To understand the quality of our products, you can contact for samples!

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Is professionalism so important?

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How much is the proofing fee?

Is it possible to offset the payment?

Answer: general standard product proofing fee 100-300 yuan;

In case of mould opening, the customer needs to pay the cost of mould opening first.

In the later period, the payment can be offset, but there will be requirements on the order quantity, specific depending on the product, it is suggested to communicate with the salesman in advance.

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7. Are you the direct manufacturer?

Why is the company registered in Beijing?

A: Yes, our factory is in Shenzhen, and its registered name is: Shenzhen Botianrui Smart Card Co., LTD.

Beijing Botianrui technology Co., Ltd. is a sales branch, mainly for better service to customers in the north.

8. Can you provide the contract and contract?

A: Yes, of course. We are a regular enterprise. Both ordinary and VALUE-ADDED tax can be provided.

9. What kind of logistics do you use?

Logistics will be arranged according to the specific situation of customers, choose the principle of logistics mode is: in the premise of not affecting the normal receipt of customers, try to help customers save money, worry!

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