CPU Processor Plastic Clamshell Box

plastic boxes for clamshell packaging
CPU processor plastic clamshell box
clear plastic packaging box
plastic boxes for clamshell packaging
Knowledge of plastic packaging What are the characteristics of the nursing bottle packaging box material? 1.PVC sheet material, high toughness, not easy to burn, burning will produce chlorine gas, smoke, and mixed with the pungent smell,PVC easy to heat, can use sealing machine and high cycle sealing edge, is the main raw material for the production of transparent plastic products.
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Customized computer CPU processor plastic clamshell box

cpu processor plastic clamshell boxMaterial Features:

1, PVC --with nice anti-fouling ability , prices are relatively low. 
             Mostly used in Daily used goods
2, PET --high transparency & glossiness,beautiful appearance, strong figure 
             Mostly use in products that required high environmental protection products 
3, PP ---good toughness,eco-friendly. Consist smooth PP. frosted PP,twill PP 
              Mostly use in baby products & stationery products package 

plastic clamshell packaging box

Packaging design knowledge of electronic products

In the field of design, if your design consciousness and works do not want to be generalized by the surroundings, then you need to have a clear understanding of the objective world, have a unique view of the design concept, and constantly optimize the state of aesthetic taste.Designer BarrySmith once wrote, "your talent will never exceed your taste."For those who are not born with a high sense of taste, perhaps the biggest challenge is to improve their taste.Look with practical experience, a lot of times, rich industry experience often is helpful to raise grade.

The following to talk about, how to improve the beauty and taste of electronic product packaging design?

For example, Steve jobs, the founder of apple and Pixar, was one of the world's most design-minded men of the last century.He once told Wired magazine that creativity is the ability to connect things.When you ask a highly creative person how they do things, maybe they feel guilty because they didn't actually do something, they just saw something ahead of time.After a while, something seems an obvious fact to them.This is because they are able to connect their experiences and integrate them into something new.They are able to do this because they have more experience and think more about their experiences than other people.

However, the reality is that in many industries, there are very few people with rich industry experience, the vast majority of people do not reserve more comprehensive industry experience, they do not accumulate enough "points", it is impossible to connect these points into a line.The more experienced a person is in life and the more knowledgeable they are about the industry, the better their designs will be.

Everyone's learning ability, personality traits, social relations, the Angle of looking at things is to decide whether it has or its front said to nurture the personal comprehensive ability reserve, but because of the person different, do something contrary to his heart and behavior is not suitable, and, in fact, you can start from observation to adjust their own, choose what kind of books to read, also means that you will be interested in what kind of information content more, or more mad for what kind of life you desire.

Back to the thinking of doing electronic product packaging design, in the process of doing design, in fact, is again and again and the enterprise, and designer ego, and assume the target object of countless words conversation experience, and all these behaviors are only one purpose, that is, to obtain effective, the most authentic information.In real life, we don't have much time to go to selection and think of all the elements, but this time you need to use accumulated before the quick thinking of retrieval and analysis of market, the observation of the consumers determine what elements are suitable for application in the packaging, how many elements, the most suitable application, as a proportion of it according to what extent, to enhance the beauty of electronic product packaging design is one of the most optimal solution, and so on.

In fact, the beauty and taste of good product packaging design is the constant pursuit of perfection, which is a goal, and difficult to achieve, even can say, never to achieve.But if a balance can be struck between perfection and the "actual product," the actual product can become "the actual delivered work of art."

Whether through external verification or internal intuition, simply getting more experience in the process of product development will help to improve the taste and aesthetic awareness of their own design. They can gradually improve their design experience by working wholeheartedly and communicating with others.

Knowledge of plastic packaging

1: box type

(1) tuck box (2) buckle box (3)auto-lock bottom box (4) hook box (5) handle box (6) hand box (7) wine box (8) upper and lower unlocking (9) hook box B (10) cover box (11) flat box (12) pillow case


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s-l1600 (6)Color printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging box

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