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Product Details

electronic cigarette packaging box for sale

Products details

MaterialCardboard, Art paper, Coated paper, Kraft paper, Gold paper, Fancy paper etc...
SizeCustom size
PrintingCMYK, clear ,custom
UsageGarment,  Watches, Perfume, Shopping, Gift, packing etc...
AccessoriesMagnet, ribbon bow, EVA form, sponge, , PVC window
InsertFoam+velvet, EVA, Sponge, Card paper, Satin, Blister etc...
MOQ500pcs, small order is available
Payment termsT/T , Paypal, Western union, Trade Assurance, Cash
Delivery timeAbout 5~7 days, depends on the goods and quantity.

Printing process of e-cigarette packaging box

Last week with the packaging box manufacturers and you introduced about e-cigarette packaging box custom choose heaven and earth cover box type in the end what kind of advantages, so today with you to introduce, generally used for e-cigarette packaging box custom printing process why the seat of common technology, and what is the intention behind it

Electronic cigarette packing box custom

Printing, printing is since the beginning of the packaging industry, is the indispensable important constituent, is basically applied directly to sales need to use the bar code, generally need to printing the craft, the electronic cigarette packaging customization will be no exception, but say you think printing knowledge in this way, you would be wrong, printing effect is not in the packing box made with or without effect, but how to decide what kind of effect, with not good, don't also is not necessarily bad, printing provides a feature is to make some redundancy more content,Through the collision with the background to produce the identification effect, many people only see the identification effect, but ignore the redundancy, which is an insignificant feature

Redundancy will often be ignored, because the form of performance, may not be the most prominent, but be short of one cannot, as the company name, number, product details and some specific logo, need to do is to identify, and not like a logo, highlight, if need, completely can use hot stamping or other means to highlight, want to show the location of the box, but hot stamping full version of the very hot, we all know that there is a problem, difficulty is high, the rejection rate is high, the cost will ascend, then so are some is not particularly important, but not was missing some of the words or patterns,Printing, an unremarkable process, played an important role

In a word, although printing is a relatively important process in the customization of e-cigarette packaging, but nothing can be said to be too absolute, it must be used less it will not succeed, does not exist;But with him, there is no guarantee that something will happen. In a word, e-cigarette packaging manufacturers only look at design. A good e-cigarette packaging design is sure to make a difference

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1. How soon I will get the quotation?

  Within 12 hours after confirming your detail customized requst.


2. How long the order delivery time?

  General it is 2 weeks for us to produce your order.


3. Can I have custom design package box?

   Sure, custom design packaging be produced as your artwork.


4. Can I get the sample?

   Sure, sample will be provided before confirming order, and will charge sample cost.

   One week sample lead time.


5. What is your term of delivery?

   EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, CFR etc

Color printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging box