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plastic small box for electronics sale manufacturers

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Electronic product packaging box production focus

In the era of Apple mobile phones and tablet computers, many mobile phone boxes in the market have followed the minimalist black and white style of Apple mobile phone boxes.

Today I will give you a brief introduction of the production of electronic products box.

Among the packaging boxes for electronic products, the most important one is that for mobile phones.

Most mobile phone boxes adopt the tiandi lid type. No matter the classic iPhone box or the kraft paper box launched by Xiaomi for Xiaomi Mi 2 before, they all adopt the Tiandi lid type, and it is the type that the tiandi completely covers the floor.

Other iPad, U disk packaging box is also used in the world cover box.

Materials can be divided into three categories, namely external laminating paper, middle laminating paper and internal stickers.

Electronic products are generally coated with 157-210g coated paper or matte paper, with 800 ~ 1200g double gray plate mounted in the middle.

800 ~ 1200 double grey plate is strong and thick, which ensures the load-bearing capacity of electronic product packaging boxes.

The inner sticker is basically the same as the outer laminating paper, which is also 157g coated paper.

No printing is usually done on the inner stickers.

Electronic product packaging box mostly USES four color printing and gold and silver spot color printing.

Also take iPhone case for example, 6s mobile phone case you may have the impression that the goldfish bouncing on the mobile phone case is made of four-color printing.

After printing the packaging box of electronic products, the next step is the production process, which can be said to be the second major factor affecting the texture of the packaging box.

Common processes include subcoating, UV printing, hot stamping (gold, silver, bright red, sapphire blue, etc.) and anti-counterfeit film.

Mobile phone packaging boxes, flat packaging boxes are mostly used blister lining and cardboard lining, U disk packaging boxes are mostly used sponge lining.

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1. How soon I will get the quotation?

  Within 12 hours after confirming your detail customized requst.


2. How long the order delivery time?

  General it is 2 weeks for us to produce your order.


3. Can I have custom design package box?

   Sure, custom design packaging be produced as your artwork.


4. Can I get the sample?

   Sure, sample will be provided before confirming order, and will charge sample cost.

   One week sample lead time.


5. What is your term of delivery?

   EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, CFR etc

Color printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging box

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