PVC Watch Packaging Box

plastic watch boxes wholesale
watch box plastic clear
blue plastic watch box
apple watch plastic box
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Product Details

custom apple watch black blue clear  plastic  box wholesale

Product name:apple watch black blue clear  plastic  box

Materials:pp pet pvc

Size:custom size


Color:custom color

Design:customer requirement

Logo:customer's logo

apple watch black blue clear  plastic  box video

apple watch black blue clear  plastic  box sample

plastic watch boxes wholesale

plastic watch boxes wholesale

watch box plastic clear

watch box plastic clear

apple watch plastic box

apple watch plastic box

blue plastic watch box

blue plastic watch box

[Main USES] : toy packaging, hardware packaging, stationery packaging, food packaging, chemical products packaging, medicine packaging

Packing, electronic packing, daily necessities packing, etc.

[Product price] : the specific price shall be based on the material, size, specification and number of products provided by the customer

Quantity, printing pigment, process requirements, etc. (economical and accurate price

[Product Material]

: New materials: transparent PVC, frosted PVC, transparent PET(food grade), frosted PP, opalescent PP,

Mirror PP 3D and other materials.

[Product style] : There are many product styles, mainly including straight, horizontal, bottle, round, triangle, etc., which can be pressed by customers

Customer requirements to customize the style

[Production process] : receiving orders, platemaking, publishing, drama printing, punching, sticking boxes to delivery, make sure that customers get first-class

Products and services.

[Product customization] :PVC/PP/PET boxes can be customized according to customers' requirements. Customers can provide samples to customize various sizes

Different specifications, thickness, color patterns and other products, we can provide physical products according to the customer

Tailored for you to design each style folding box, welcome customers to sample custom, quality and modest, large quantity from

Excellent, sincerely look forward to your guidance!

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