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clear plastic packaging boxes wholesale
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clear plastic packaging box
Plastic packaging is an indispensable product in our life.While we were shopping.Many manufacturers choose to use plastic containers for food or products.In our lives.There are many materials of plastic.Each labeled plastic box USES a different place.So how do you choose a normal plastic case?Small make up say to choose the appropriate plastic packaging box three steps.
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custom small plastic packaging box

PVC box and carton packaging comparison

1.Cost and value: PVC box is used to have the grade of goods, giving people a sense of grade and value is a better choice for sales packaging.Paper products packaging relative to plastic packaging is relatively flat, appearance breakthrough strength is small.clear plastic packaging box

2. Material performance: the biggest disadvantage of carton packaging is poor water resistance, which is exactly the advantage of PVC packing-based plastic packaging.In addition, the PVC packaging box is not easy to deform, and the blister shape can be made according to the shape of the product, which can effectively ensure that the product is not damaged.In order to expand the market, transport quality has become an important indicator.Here plastic seismic and waterproof, mildewy function greatly enhanced the integrity of the product, is the first choice for electronic products, vulnerable products, high-end durable goods packaging.

3. Environmental performance: waste PVC packaging boxes are easy to preserve, high recovery;Studies have shown that papermaking is worse than plastic products in terms of resource consumption and environmental pollution.And paper products packaging will consume a lot of wood, just the whole sustainable development trend is not a wise move.PVC box or carton packaging, different people have different opinions.

Material Features:

1, PVC --with nice anti-fouling ability , prices are relatively low. 
             Mostly used in Daily used goods
2, PET --high transparency & glossiness,beautiful appearance, strong figure 
             Mostly use in products that required high environmental protection products 
3, PP ---good toughness,eco-friendly. Consist smooth PP. frosted PP,twill PP 
              Mostly use in baby products & stationery products package 

plastic packaging box

Now the product is to pay attention to beautiful, let a person look pleasing to the eye, so now a lot of products will choose to use the packaging box.The variety of packaging boxes, dazzling, PVC packaging boxes,PET packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes and so on.Different packaging box material is different, with the benefit is not the same.Here, small make up to explain the plastic packaging box glue bonding process.

clear small plastic packaging box

Plastic packaging box glue bonding process

PP materials due to good acid and alkali resistance, the application of more and more widely, such as: disposable cup, crisper, plastic packaging box, PP electromagnetic box, drinking cup and so on.

PP belongs to the surface of insensitive materials, inert, plastic packaging boxes need to be used together with PP treatment agent can achieve a firm bonding effect.Recommended sl-320ab, room temperature curing, fast speed, high bonding strength, strength can lead to material damage, aging resistance, no albino, no trace of glue after adhesive, suitable for small area bonding.

Adhesive bonding process of plastic packaging boxes:

1. Surface treatment: first, use agent A to treat the PP surface that needs to be bonded.

2. Apply adhesive: after volatilization for half a minute or one minute, apply agent B to any surface of the adhesive and stick together. The whole process is curing within 1 minute.

3. Curing: dry within one minute at room temperature, and completely dry within 24 hours, achieving very good results.

plastic packaging fuction

Color printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging box

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