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NameClear Snack Packaging Box
Printing Handlingembossing, offset printing /silkscreen printing/ foil stamping
Materialpp pet pvc

Food plastic packaging manufacturers show you the packaging of snacks

Packing box is a product "coat", the person depends on clothing, and the United States will depend on beautiful outfit, exquisite gift also needs a suitable gift packing box to foil.

When people are shopping for gifts, the packaging of the gifts is also a highlight to attract them.

Therefore, the gift box design must be eye-catching and useful.

However, some "alternative" food packaging is just the opposite. Under the bland packaging, it hides food with endless aftertastes. Next, follow the food packaging manufacturer Jiangxin packaging to find out

The first type: baked bun.

If you have eaten, you should know. The small editor of the food box manufacturer thinks that few people can resist its delicious taste.

Although the packaging looks very simple and casual, the price is very cheap, but the taste is really not to say, crispy, really nice.

Type 2: Coconut milk.

Not food packaging manufacturers small editor said, its packaging is so earthy-unforgettable ah, look at this colorful color, can survive until now I'm afraid only by the taste, so many years in the coconut water market, coconut water has been the top presence.

This proves that it is really delicious.

The third kind: hawthorn slice.

When I was a child, hawthorn slices were packaged in a very casual way, sometimes with a thin layer of plastic, but they tasted a lot better than most of today's hawthorn slices.

Type 4: Cat ears.

The little editor at the food box manufacturer isn't talking about the kind of cat ears you might think.

It is a kind of Fried food, crispy, very common as a child, taste is sweet and spicy, in short, you will not forget the taste of oh.

Custom Plastic packaging box for candy

4.Custom Printed PP Clip Strips

We also do make the custom printed PP clip strips.
Plastic packaging box for candy

5.Our exhibition

We take part in packaging exhibitions in Hong Kong and other countries every year. Welcome your visit.
printed plastic packaging box for candy


1. Do you have your own workshop and equipment?

Yes, we all do.

How about the quality of your products?

Our product quality is the first, from production to packaging have a special QC to check!

3. How long have you been in this business?

We have been in the plastic packing business for fifteen years.

4. Can I order any plastic products I want?

Yes, you can, anything you can think of or not think of!

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