​hat plastic storage box with handle

hat boxes wholesale
hat box for storage
hat box wholesale
hat box with handle
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Product Details

hat storage clear plastic box with handle

Product details

Product name:hat storage clear plastic box with handle

Color:custom color

Material:pp pet pvc

Size:custom size


Logo:customer logo

Design:customer requirements

hat clear plastic hadle box video 

hat clear plastic hadle box sample 

hat boxes wholesale

hat boxes wholesale

hat box for storage

hat box for storage

hat box with handle

hat box with handle

hat box wholesale


Transaction process

Step 1: Inquire about the quote

Check the quotation of the products you need by phone or online, and confirm the number, material, production process requirements of the products you purchase.

Specification, quantity and place of delivery.

Step 2: Look at the sample

Sample fee shall be paid for sending samples (some samples are free of sample fee). Sample fee can be refunded if the order reaches a certain amount, if required

Please inform us of the samples in advance.

Step 3: Place an order

You need to pay 30% of the total amount of the order in advance as the production deposit, please follow the bank account or bank card number provided by us

Remittance. After receiving the deposit, we will confirm the sample production according to your order and the documents and text content provided by you.

If it is not needed

70% of balance payment supports alipay payment (contract can be signed to ensure the interests of both parties).

Step 4: Arrange production after confirmation of samples

In order to make sure the production is correct and cause unnecessary economic loss, we will arrange the second production before the order is mass produced

Sample, we need customer's confirmation before mass production (under special circumstances).

Step 5: Finish production and deliver the goods

After the production of all product orders, we need you to pay the balance of the order (the remaining 70%), and the goods can be shipped upon the confirmation of the payment on the same day.

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