Small Plastic Packaging Box

small plastic packaging box
plastic clear color box
design packaging display box
small plastic packaging box for 5.0*6.0*9.0
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Product Details

design small plastic packaging display  box

Product detalis

Brand: Customer logo

Model: Customizable

Origin: Xiamen

Specification: 5.0*6.0*9.0cm

Scope of use: small plastic packaging box

Whether to import: No

Processing customization: sample customization

Type of supply: customized

Plastic: PP PET PVC

Craft: 4 color printing

small plastic packaging box video

small plastic packaging box sample

small plastic packaging box

small plastic packaging box

plastic clear color box

plastic clear color box

design packaging display box

design packaging display box

small plastic packaging box for 5.0*6.0*9.0

small plastic packaging box for 5.0*6.0*9.0

Professional production: PVC/PET/PP folding box, PVC cylinder, tag, sky and Earth box, folder, plastic handbag, information book, album, album, etc.

Products mainly used in: electronics, toys, cosmetics, food, stationery, daily necessities and other medium-sized plastic packaging

Material: PVC,PET,PP frosted, twill, mirror

Product features: transparent, beautiful, colorful, flexible style, exquisite and upright, environmental protection, can be used repeatedly

Product process: single wire or double flexible wire, screen printing or ke printing, hot stamping, glue or no glue bonding, film mulching, anti-static treatment;

Notes for Submission:

◆ Please send us your design drawings

◆ Complete CMYK format drawings are provided

◆ The document format shall be CDR, AI, PDF. The resolution shall not be less than 300DPI, and the text shall be converted into a curve

◆ An additional 2mm bleeding point should be added around the finished product size in the design draft

Products are done strictly in accordance with the drawings provided by customers. The above prices are for reference only, not for trading prices, because the number of products and the size of different prices will be different.

All the pictures are samples and exhibits. The price is for reference only. The specific price will be determined according to your material and specification requirements.

Because of the different thickness of materials, printing color number and quantity, plus the variable price of raw materials, our goods are not subject to fixed price.

Large quantity and preferential & GT;

Please call to discuss in detail!

PP material description: PP for short, non-toxic, non-heavy metal, biodegradable, environmental friendly material, more transparent transparent non-toxic, environmental friendly ** material;

1. Material: PP material.

Twill, transparent, abrasive, milky white, and other colors.

The protective film can be reassembled.

It can be used for antistatic treatment.

Compared with paper packaging, it has the advantages of bright color, gloss, high transparency and no folding.

2. Printing: The introduction of octavo, quarto, folio 5 color UV offset press.

No glue box machine, specially printed all kinds of products UV printing, screen printing, bronzing, hot pressing, ultrasonic bonding, flexible hot pressing, etc.

3. The product is beautiful and generous, rich in color, flexible and lightweight, easy to pack, not easy to break, and can be used repeatedly, economical and environmental protection.

Customer requirements are our requirements, credit and product quality is the basis of our survival, we will be true and realistic spirit and flexible diversified business strategy to serve the vast number of new and old customers - let us join hands with the boat, create brilliant!

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