Gloves Plastic Packaging Box

box of plastic gloves
Gloves Plastic Packaging Box
gloves for boxes
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Gloves Plastic Packaging Box

Product nameGloves Clear Plastic Packaging Box
MaterialPP PET PVC
DesignAccept customized


Basic knowledge of packaging -- display box packaging

Common packing materials

In addition to the design appearance of the product packaging accident, we should first pay attention to the choice of materials, according to the different products, different degrees of protection, choose the corresponding packaging, common packaging materials are as follows:

1. White paper -- plain white paper, copy paper, corrugated paper, etc

2. Bubble paper/Poly velvet/sponge/pearl cotton

3. Cartons -- white, brown, color, etc

4. Plastic bags --PP,PE,OPP,PVC,PVA, shrink film (PE,PP), etc

5. Other types of packaging

Product packaging is an important part of the product, it not only plays a protective role in the process of transportation, but also directly related to the comprehensive quality of the product, but also can achieve a certain publicity effect.

2. Common packing

According to the different levels of packaging, can be divided into: inner packaging, middle packaging and outer packaging.

(1) Inner packing

Plastic bags: The United States line generally requires heat sealing, the material is high pressure PE material;

PP materials are not allowed unless specified by the customer.

OPP bag: good transparency, but brittle, easy to break, used for candle small toys and other products packaging, European line customers often required.

Color box: divided into corrugated box and no corrugated box.

Ordinary brown corrugated box: commonly used for 3 layer corrugated box and 5 layer corrugated box, product packaging, generally to be sealed with tape.

White box: can be divided into corrugated (3 or 5 layers) white box and non-corrugated white box, product packaging after the general need to be sealed with tape.

Display boxes: there are many kinds of display boxes, mainly including color display boxes, display boxes with PVC cover, etc. The products in the packaging box can be visually seen through the packaging.

Plastic bag + crane card: generally called PBH.

Blister Card: Blister Card, BC for short.

PVC box or PVC bucket.

Shrink film;

Also known as hot shrink film, small toys, candles and other products with this kind of packaging more.

Hang card.

Egg box.

Back card.

Gift box;

It is mainly used for the packaging of jewelry, stationery and other products.

The other.

(2) Medium packing

The products are mainly packaged in plastic bags and corrugated boxes. The main types of corrugated boxes are FOL, TUCK TOP BOX, etc.

(3) Outer packing

Generally use cartons, corrugated boxes and so on

Iv. Sealing and packing

(1) Plastic bags are generally required to heat sealing, sealing should be neat, firm, beautiful;

(2) Color boxes, display boxes, white boxes, corrugated boxes, etc. should be sealed with adhesive tape (except for color boxes with buttons) when the seal should be neat and beautiful.

(3) the outer box should be sealed with adhesive tape into the "work" type, and put on two packing belts (guests have special requirements to comply with the requirements of the guests).

Five, the other

(1) Mail order customers with packaging boxes are generally required to 5 layers of corrugated box, and the quality requirements are higher, we not only to consider the safety of the product in the transportation, but also to ensure the safety of the product from the customer to the end user when the mail;

(2) European customers generally have special requirements for environmental protection, the carton is generally required to be stapless carton, metal-free packaging, sealing tape for paper tape, packaging generally has environmental protection label or recycling label;

(3) Product packaging and various labels on the package should be strictly in accordance with customer requirements.

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