cheap plastic window box

cheap plastic window box​
plastic window boxes for sale
plastic liner for window box
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Product Details

custom cheap plastic window box

China Xiamen Carpenter xin plastic packaging box packaging box price is cheap, now under the hot sale, welcome to order.

You can customize your plastic window boxes for sale to create the perfect coat for your product.

We can also make plastic liner for window box, white Plastic Window Flower box, a lot of plastic packaging boxes.

food packaging box

Product Description

Our plastic packaging box is mainly used for packaging food macarons, small food, etc., and can also be used for packaging your other products.

It is a square, completely transparent plastic packaging box, so users can see the product inside the package, very intuitive.

It's pet material. It can be used for packaging food and electronic products. That's its packaging characteristics.

Product Details

cheap plastic window box for food
product namefood plastic packaging box
Color DescriptionCompletely transparent

Features & Benefits

  • You can see inside from the outside

  • Completely transparent to open

  • Put in the food you want pet food grade material is very good material quality

  • Non-slip material anti-static sliding property good packaging products, products can be safely inside to stay

clear plastic box

Causes of discoloration during PVC box printing

In the process of PVC plastic box printing, drying ink and just printed ink, dry ink ink than just printed ink color is lighter.

The main reason for this problem is the discoloration of the ink on the surface of the PET cartridge caused by the infiltration and oxidation of conjunctiva during the drying process.

Relief ink to permeate drying, ink layer is relatively thick, at this point infiltration and oxidation of the conjunctiva dry still need a period of time.

When printing the PET cartridge, the ink color should be controlled to a degree slightly darker than the original printing sample ink. When the ink is dry, the sample ink color will meet the requirements.

In practice, all PET cartridge printing ink in the light will have different degrees of fading, discoloration.

After the light irradiation for a long time light color ink fading, discoloration is very serious.

The actual PET cartridge printing in the ink, should try to choose good light resistance ink;

At the same time in the allocation of ink should also consider the consistency of light resistance between several colors of ink.

The same blue ink, phthalein blue than light blue, peacock blue light resistance, not easy to change color.

If you add a little bit of white ink, it's a little bit more colorful.

If use malachite blue to add chromic yellow ink, day long long easy fade, change color, extensive yellow.

Above is PVC plastic box manufacturers to bring you information sharing, to learn more about the relevant knowledge, welcome to pay attention to our official website.

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