cheap food grade plastic box

plastic food boxes wholesale
clear plastic food box
custom plastic food box
cheap food grade plastic box
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Product Details

Product information

Product name

cheap food grade clear plastic box


storage/display of products/brand packaging, etc


silk screen printing, stamping, color printing, frosting, UV, etc


Multiple specifications (support customization)


PP PET PVC (customized)

The customer requirements

1. Proofing confirmation: after preliminary determination of the quantity, material, process, specification and other details you want to order, we can provide actual samples in advance before batch production so that customers can have a more intuitive understanding of the product details.

(Note: The company will charge a certain amount of proofing fee according to the actual situation.)

plastic food boxes wholesale

clear plastic food box

2. Purchase contract: If there is no objection, both parties can sign the purchase contract (we have the contract style).

Details such as product information, delivery time, acceptance criteria and settlement method will be included in the contract.

3. Payment form: Payment can be made in full through The Alipay link or 30% to 50% of the total payment can be collected as an advance payment.

The rest of the customer should be paid in lump sum before delivery.

4. Transportation of goods: if the freight is not included in the contract price without special instructions, it shall be calculated separately.

Under special circumstances, the customer can choose the appropriate mode of transportation according to their needs, and our company will arrange the transportation on their behalf. The relevant expenses shall be settled by the customer when the balance of our company is paid off.

cheap food grade plastic box

custom plastic food box

custom plastic food box

Pay attention to

1, due to the different computer monitors, the physical objects and drawings exist about 10% is normal.

Be careful if you mind.

2. The Company is not responsible for any text errors after confirmation of the information.

3. For customized products, once the order is placed, all expenses will not be refunded

About the purchase

Due to the particularity of the goods, there is basically no spot supply, it is better to inquire the relevant specifications and delivery date of the goods you need before you buy, in order to give you quality service, please try to be as objective and concise as possible, there are special staff to serve you during working hours!

About plstic box picture

Pictures are taken in kind, but pictures and information are for reference only. Goods will be taken in kind.

If your sample is customized, please send a clear picture (vector picture is the best) and attach accessories and specifications.

clear plastic box

cute plastic box

Special instructions

1: After taking the link, arrange the drawings and send them to the customer for confirmation

2: Shoot the link and design the drawing as required. Send the drawing to the customer.

If the customer wants to modify the draft, he/she shall modify the draft according to the customer's requirements

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