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tea luxury packaging box manufacturers

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What kind of product packaging attracts people's attention more?

Once upon a time we have been chanting: good wine needs no bush!

And now, the turn of events, clearly have a good product but failed to excellent display, became: wine is afraid of alley deep ah!

How to show our good products in front of the public with a more intuitive and perfect side?

Next, I will give you a brief explanation:

PVC packaging

In practical use, PVC materials often add stabilizer, lubricant, auxiliary processing agent, color, impact resistance agent and other additives.

It has non-flammability, high strength, resistance to climate change and excellent geometric stability.

PVC has a strong resistance to oxidants, reductants and strong acids.

However, it can be corroded by concentrated oxidizing acids such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid and is not suitable for contact with aromatic hydrocarbon and chlorinated hydrocarbon.

As a result of its durability, waterproof abrasion resistance characteristics have been popularized in the market.

And because its material is relatively hard, compared with some plastic products have more market competitiveness.

Product packaging is made of high quality PVC packaging box advantages:

1. The appearance of the product is more attractive, which can double the sales of the product;

2. Consumers can clearly see the product, and product promotion becomes more effective;

3. Help to improve the market positioning of products, and can cooperate with product promotion activities;

4. Enhance the appeal of products and stand out on the shelves full of messy goods;

5. Make products more attractive, increase the added value of your products, and leave customers with a more profound image;

6. Better display the features of the product, improve the positioning of the product in the market, and make it easy for customers to choose.

A good product starts with packaging!

custom chocolate small  black gift boxes wholesale


1. How soon I will get the quotation?

  Within 12 hours after confirming your detail customized requst.


2. How long the order delivery time?

  General it is 2 weeks for us to produce your order.


3. Can I have custom design package box?

   Sure, custom design packaging be produced as your artwork.


4. Can I get the sample?

   Sure, sample will be provided before confirming order, and will charge sample cost.

   One week sample lead time.


5. What is your term of delivery?

   EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, CFR etc

Color printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging box

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