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beauty blender packaging
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Product Details

pet beauty sponge blender packaging box set container

Products details

Item name:pet beauty sponge blender packaging box

Size :custom

Plastic box material : PET film

Material thickness : 0.35mm

Plastic box process: offset printing etc.

beauty sponge blender packaging box video

makeup sponge packaging box video


pet food packaging


cookie set boxes

Many years of experience in plastic packaging box design

Tailor-made for your enterprise

We only focus on packaging production

Your trustworthy partner

Selected materials, fashion, creativity, quality, professional services


pet biscuits box


pet food packaging design

Support customized one-stop service for you

Tailor-made design → customized process → self-provided sample

Your exclusive customization can brand your products with the imprint of Your brand L OGO packaging, making your products stand out from the cookie-cutter packaging.

Product consulting

Because the printed matter is customized, version cost start-up cost is relatively expensive, quantity has a greater impact on the price, relatively speaking, the more quantity, the cheaper the price will be.

If you need customization, please provide the product size and printing document process, etc. We will answer with the most patient attitude for you. Welcome to visit the factory.

Plastic material

pp pet pvc

Product specification

Customized according to customer requirements, we provide the shape of the box for reference only.

(Length X width X height)

Cover process

Have bronzing, hot silver, bump, UV, refraction, film (light film, dumb film) and so on.

Box of implants

Sponge, EVA, pearl cotton, silk cloth, ribbon, ribbon, plastic packaging, etc.

Custom proofing

We will charge a certain amount of sample making fee before customization. After the sample is finished, we will send it by express

Confirm to customer, customer satisfaction before deciding to order production.

Make sure the order

The size, color and process shall be produced according to the customer's requirements or confirmed samples.

Order way

Within 5 days after buyer orders.

Our company will charge a deposit of 30% of the order amount. After we receive the deposit, we will arrange production.

Balance payment 70%, the buyer's order does not terminate, after payment, the seller will deliver the goods, the buyer will confirm receipt within 10 days after the payment into the seller's account (overdue will automatically confirm receipt).

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