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plastic boxes clear
plastic boxes cheap
plastic boxes disposable
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disposable cheap clear plastic boxes design

Product name:color clear plastic box

Materials:pp pet pvc rpet

Size:custom size


Color:custom color

Design:customer requirement

Logo:customer's logo

Free design of PP PET RPET PVC box

plastic boxes clear

plastic boxes clear

plastic boxes cheap

plastic boxes cheap

plastic boxes disposable

plastic boxes disposable

plastic boxes design

plastic boxes design

Box size(cm)

box size

Note; 30 c = 0.3 mm

Remarks: We accept other sizes according to your custom


clear plastic boxes video

originality custom, free design

Manufacturer provides straightly

Quality of originality

Intimate after-sales

clear plastic box

Offset printing: rich colors, realistic, real and gorgeous, so that it can enhance the performance effect at the same time to better play as the anti-counterfeiting function of printed matter.

Bronze silver: dazzling, magnificent visual effect, can play the role of the Midas touch.

Bright color has golden luster, make the picture more colorful.

Screen printing: printing adaptability, strong three-dimensional sense, strong light resistance, large printing area.

Automatic bottom fastening: utility model, reduce folding, can automatically seal the back of the packaging box, simplify the packaging procedure, reduce the occupation of space.

 printing clear box

UV gloss oil: after the light oil treatment of the plastic box, reflects a strong gloss, smooth gloss oil film surface reflective strong, have the feeling of high gloss paint.

Ultrasonic wave: the use of ultrasonic wave to produce local high temperature plastic workpiece instantaneous melting molding, under a certain pressure to achieve rapid welding effect, beautiful and strong, not easy embrittlement.

Soft line: make the soft and easy to fold and the line is very fine, make the box easy to fold, more straight, can effectively protect your products from damage.

Projection: precise and meticulous, natural and sharp, enduring and new environmental protection technology, decorative parts of concave and convex layers more three-dimensional sense, feel and visual impact is strong.

Sand: Rich texture, distinct layers, with a strong visual effect and sandy feel, full of elegant and rich gas.

All kinds of industries and shapes can be customized, to provide customized materials/thickness/specifications/printing documents and other information

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