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Product Details

vegetable vinyl packaging boxes with logo uk wholesale

Products details

Type:vegetable vinyl packaging boxes with logo uk wholesale
Material:pp pet pvc
Special pp pet pvc etc.
Printing/color:CMYK, Pantone Color
Surface finish:Gloss/Matt lamination, UV Coating
Logo imprint:Gold/Silver hot stamping, Silk-screen printing, Embossing etc
Handle:Ribbon,Cotton Rope, PP Rope, Paper twisted Rope, flat tape rope,
die cut handle etc
Usage:Storage,Shopping,Gift, Advertising, Promotion etc
OEM:All details of products are customized


The gift boxes should be judged in this way on the quality of the lining

In order to know the needs of customers, all walks of life will survey the product needs of customers, and give the score of a product at the same time, and in the packaging box industry will also score the packaging process, so today I will tell you about the packaging box part of the score.

The first is the common EVA inner material for gift box customization:

1. The appearance of this material is relatively smooth and neat, especially if it is made with flocking. However, even without flocking, it is relatively smooth and looks quite comfortable, and 4 marks can be given on the appearance.

2. The price cost of this material is actually not very high, but it is not a cheap type. It belongs to the above medium type, so the affordable score will be 3.5.

3. This material is relatively difficult to process, because it is slotted after the whole material is bought. Once the wrong slotting is done, it is irreversible, so there is a certain risk, which may lead to the reduction of production efficiency.

Then there is another common inner support mode customized for gift boxes. The inner material + colored cloth:

1. First of all, no matter what the inner material is, what usually appears before the eyes of consumers is a piece of beautiful colored cloth. If the color theme is selected accurately, it can completely capture the hearts of the audience, so it can also give a high score of 4 points for appearance.

2. Then the cost, this kind of material due to no matter in what is, as long as the outside covered with a layer of beautiful color cloth can have beautiful effect, many health care products box printing need only can guarantee the stability of the supporting is ok, so relatively cheap material, such as foam, combined with color cloth is enough so the cost will be low, ratings will give on affordable sex to 4.5.

3. Then the processing difficulty of the material, to be honest, the processing difficulty due to the widespread circulation of materials and the cost is not high, so the fault tolerance rate also will increase, even if the difficulty and Eva, but also can improve the efficiency of the wrong change to, although also will slow down a little, but the slow or can take over, so complete speed ratings can give 3.5 points.

In the comparison above, there are only 3 inner brackets scores in the customization of gift boxes. In fact, there are many contents that can be compared. However, due to the lack of space, I will not do too much introduction, and I will do it again later.

custom chocolate small  black gift boxes wholesale


1. How soon I will get the quotation?

  Within 12 hours after confirming your detail customized requst.


2. How long the order delivery time?

  General it is 2 weeks for us to produce your order.


3. Can I have custom design package box?

   Sure, custom design packaging be produced as your artwork.


4. Can I get the sample?

   Sure, sample will be provided before confirming order, and will charge sample cost.

   One week sample lead time.


5. What is your term of delivery?

   EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, CFR etc

Color printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging boxColor printed chocolate transparent PP PVC PET plastic packaging box _ custom plastic packaging box

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