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 face shield effectiveness coronavirus buy online

We have two kinds of transparent plastic face shield, one is made of sponge elastic band, the other is made of PP buckle band. You can choose the one that suits you. The quality is good.

infection control face shield

   Product details 




防护飞沫等喷溅物/Direct Splash Protection


防雾PET,弹力带,海绵等/ High transparency


anti-fogPET, elastic band, sponge, etc.

PET材料厚度/PET Thickness


海绵等级/Sponge Level

食品级/Food Grade


L 345mm, W 15mm



 包装细节/Packing Details

pcs/opp bag,300pcs/ctn

PET protective face shield

Face shield mask is a kind of equipment used to protect the face from injury. In the absence of formal face mask but have to carry out work, you can make a simple face mask.

The production methods of simple medical protective face shield masks are as follows:

Methods 1

Materials: Transparent paper bags, rubber bands, gauze or paper towels.

Method: the transparent envelope to cut can cover facial arc, then gauze strip with a stapler or paper towel into a envelope to the brow, this basically is to absorb sweat, breathable after the rubber band with stapler into a fixed on both sides of the envelope, so that when using fixed worn on the head, a simple protective face shield mask making finished.

Method 2

Materials: plastic film, rubber band, milk carton handle, thick adhesive tape.

Production method: two pieces of translucent plastic sealing film were heated and overpressed into transparent film, and then pasted on the forehead with thick adhesive tape to ventilate. Then holes were punched on both sides of the upper end of the film, and rubber bands were fixed on both sides of the milk carton handles.

Because the handle is wide and the contact area is large, wearing the head will not have a sense of restraint, the feeling is also more comfortable.

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