Mouth Shield

mouth shield price:
300pcs $0.2
3000pcs: $0.17
5000pcs: $0.15
mouth shield clear
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Product Details

PET clear plastic mouth shield manufacturer

Product name: PET mouth shield

Function: Direct Splash Protection

Component: High transparency anti-fog PET, Elastic band, etc.

Size: 142x102mm

PET Thickness: 0.3mm

Material Level: Food Grade

Elastic band: L=295mm, φ=3mm

Packing Details: 10pcs/box, 200pcs/ctn

mouth shield video

mouth shield sample

mouth shield clear

mouth shield clear

mouth shields for sale

mouth shields for sale

mouth shield plastic

mouth shield plastic

mouth shield price

mouth shield price

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Mouth shield characteristics

●Good air permeability, smooth breathing, not stuffy, not sound insulation, free voice without obstacles

No effect on makeup, no direct effect on facial skin, no effect on makeup

Recyclable can repeatedly scrub recycling use green environmental protection

Anti - fog has anti - fog effect, to show customers a natural smile

Directions for use

Put the mask on your chin, hang the rubber band on your ear, adjust the position of the ring according to the size of the user's face, and adjust the elasticity of the rubber band as much as possible. It will be more comfortable to wear. The extra rubber bands can be cut off. Non-disposable mask, can be used repeatedly.

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